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  1. Didnt release it and preggas...blokes who caught it got no idea media pricks ya really think a shark is going to fancy a human after it buggered after the fight anyway? tifgers are known as garbage cans due to the fact they would rather scavenge than hunt! lol article made me laugh though
  2. Havent fished the lake too much apart from the random flicks for the odd st there, been mainly chasing trout of late, we gotta catch up for a fish soon dude!
  3. More of a lurker t oo hard to type through my phone these days haha Ive caught one of them buggers befo re, since nobody knew what it was so I figured yas needed my help will be more posts in the future guys!
  4. had to reply to this topic after not been on for a while haha deffs zebrafish heaps of them at edithburgh darker colour is cos the water at the boat ramp is pretty mucky brown... ok on the chew taste a bit like bream but need to be bled then cleaned asap otherwise youll get a weedy taint in the flesh
  5. cheers m8 yeah they all jump heaps! haha that beast took ages to get in on 40lb braid and the line snapped when I was trying to beach it :ohmy: fought more like a smoothie if anything and I was calling it for one until it did a backflip in the horizon B)smoothies are a pain in the bum have got a couple of huge ones at henley on my 6/0 and 9/0 the quickest it took for me to get one in was an hour on the 9/0 :woohoo:
  6. hey mate, metro beaches should be worth a go, there a bit harder to get now though...my current set up is 300m of 25lb mono and 1m of 100lb trace on a running sinker rig. both mono and wire works good...6/0 to 10/0 hooks depending on bait size... rays like fresh bait especially tommies, squid and gar... I dont bother berleying either... brings too much shit fish in, if the rays are around they will sniff out ya bait ;)heres a specimen I got off a metro beach just under 5' wide
  7. caught the usual guys...breammullowaystsflounderbreamtrevallykgsyfwbreamshittiesmullet
  8. what size sharks are u after m8? and will u be fishing off jetty, beach or rocks?
  9. bloody low life d-heads they are!! let us know if u find em cos I need shark bait posted it up on facebook too, will let u know if me or any or my mates see anything budu wanna borrow a rod and reel?
  10. only got one carp... and it wasnt big either fished all weekend too
  11. thats no goldie... its a monster koi would be sick to have that in the pond
  12. smokeykebab wrote: nearly caught a snook on seaweed worms on the ep, have had tommies, bream, sts and kgs take em as well
  13. is there anywhere where I can get my hands on those posters? should put some up by port road... pretty anti-green atm