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  1. Can't beat Yorkes. Never seen that much of the wreck out Banga. How was the fishing?
  2. Carp and redfin. If you are luck maybe a native or 2
  3. SAFWAA at it's best!! Well done I got my PB Cod out of the second dam there as well. Love it !
  4. If you can get your hands on empty wine barrels, some of the flavours can be amazing
  5. Last Strongie I got I swore black and blue it was a snapper by the fight in 30ft of water on a whiting rod. Disappointed when there was no pink
  6. Excellent work! Another who has been waiting for a dedicated SA tide appNot that I looked, slack I know..... but what's the chance of Old Noarlunga for the Onk?Used to have an app that you could manually adjust to work it out but it was fairly complicated.From memory, it was a solid hours difference+
  7. I rocked up to work this morning to find a bag full of mainly 50's 60's lures on my desk.... to say I was appreciative is an understatement and truthfully haven't seen half the styles before so a great step back in time.Interestingly enough, some of the markings are from Japan, France and Melbourne with some showing Patent details or patent pending so someone obviously though it was going to make them someone money once.Some of the designs are very out there and come in some of the most unusual spinning designs I have every seen.Waiting on the camera to charge but thought I would drop a couple of names to see if anyone is familiar with them knowing the calibre (and age) of some of the members here...Chameleon by Sydenham (in original Fresco Lure box with instructions on how to make it swim left or right and interchangeable coloured bibs)Wonder WoblersTillin Spoons and I think a Tillin Devons (metal)Mitchell Spinners from FranceThere was also a Kmart Fly box with all original unused flies, in fact I doubt any of the lure have seen water.Some of the other plastic flies are out there as well in cricket shapes, ants, frogs, grubs, shrimpAnyway, I'll throw some pics up when I can but thought it may interest some of you.
  8. tommies on 110mm plastics. I'm impressed. They must have been horses
  9. They frequent Normy/Lady Bay in peak summer. Not sure about much further
  10. Unfortunately emotions are now starting to get in the way ausea.As always, members are getting sick of reading heated dribble so please keep it on track people.You put a lot of effort into writing your posts, it doesn't take much to delete :whistle:
  11. Got it pretty well covered there Bjorn.I do mine on the camper stove with a tin. Same thing, spout bent into it and a pair if pliers to pour it into the moulds.I just melt a heap and pour it in to heat up the moulds. 2 x practice pours and they are hot as and ready to go. Throw the lead straight back in and it's melted in seconds.I normally do a season or 2 in one hit s I don't have to do it very often.Makes for a decent couple of hours out in the shed with a few beers
  12. Cracker Kelvin !! Well done.