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  1. 3 more votes and I want to see Callophunters pictures all over this page...in wet clothes!! haha....
  2. Correct me If I'm wrong but I thought I heard Mobil had signed another lease at a lower cost of major clean up?? Financially as a business I can understand why they did it (if that's what has happened) however one day something must happen and south Australians deserve to be able to utilise this amazing place.I have always been an advocate for large restrictions here due to the sanctuary status the place should hold. Plenty of decent fishing near by.That's another No.....
  3. Don't do that, the truth hurts too much...lol...Nice pics Dazza !!Don't suppose you know anyone that would wants to buy that fly set up I've got??? sadly haven't used it in over 2 years with the little fellas keeping me busy.
  4. As sad and tragic as it is, mass deaths like this are fairly common in fresh water species so why not salt water species?Cold or warm water influx can have huge affect on fish species the world over and seems to keep numbers in a natural equilibrium.... as bad as it may seem.The last thing anyone wants to see is dead baby dolphins washed up but I would put money on it it's going to be proven to be natural causes.My2 cents anyway... for what it worth.....
  5. Have a look at the Snapper Shimano Raider.From memory...7'6", 4-7kg but feels like it could pull a horse backwards.Used it for chucking salmon lures around the beach as well. It's caught quite a few mullies and snapper for me and for around the $100 mark great value for money.I've got mine fitted with a 4000 Freams Kix and love the combo. Sure a C14 would feel pretty damn nice on it as well.
  6. If you haven't fished the area by yourself I wouldn't shoot straight out there.Work the banks and snapper drops in close and get to know the area. Heaps of gar, snook whiting etc around to keep you busy.Long way to go out there when you can catch better in close most of the time
  7. Looks like everyone had a good day today.We went out at Cape Jervis and scored 7 legal snapper.Lost 3 bigguns sadly but still a great day on the water out there. Was even better once the tide turned and the wind turned and dropped out leaving nothing but glass.Only bad thing about that place is the amount of tackle you lose. Looks like I'll be making more snapper leads and rigs tonight!
  8. Never once had to let the tyres down there Jack.Keep the revs up and you'll get through no worries. 2WD cars try it and the odd one gets through so it's really not that bad until you get right down to the mouth.I'm not sure what the conditions are like down there this season but assumes it's reasonable with the amount of traffic going down there on a daily basis at the moment. There's normally some nice big tracks so just keep the wheels bouncing through, not too quick but decent pace.
  9. Couldn't agree more Jack.Have you ever been from Wirrina to Cape Jervis by boat? Amazing cliff faces down the waters edge where some parts are 40ft at the cliffs base with crystal clear water....the stuff dreams are made of!From memory it's around 8k from Goolwa beach to the mouth by car and you can always find a stretch of a few hundred meters to yourself. Cockles, sand castles...all good.Watch the entrance to the beach. you come down the ramp and no worries for the first 200m then it gets real soft real quick. Make sure it's clear and power through. It will only takes 5 seconds of gas and you'll be on the hard stuff and can jump out of 4x4.It can get very soft around towards the mouth and by all means, watch you tides. Best to go on an outgoing. Grab some cockles, build some castles then head to the mouth for some mullet and flick out some livies/plastics for some mullies. Good times !The old man taught me to drive on the beach down there at 16 so it can't be too hard.Hope you have fun and remember to stick to the speed limit on the beach. No one seems to but that doesn't mean you shouldn't! Kids everywhere.
  10. Daiwa Jigcaster. Light weight, reasonably priced and plenty of power in case a monster jumps on
  11. I think my best mate provides the stainless to these guys and has raved over the quality of the end product.Fully custom made to your boat.
  12. Quick trip so a quick report...Took the eldest (4) down to old noarlunga for a sesh in some shade around the back.He managed to catch 3 little bream all by himself with the smallest going no longer than 50mm.Normally hook them for him but his patience is growing so very proud Dad!! Together we managed around a dozen, none bigger than 180mm but it wasn't about the size today :)Went up the rong yesterday and got 4 nice mullies before moving spots and losing the prop. Not sure what happened but a very kind local Mundoo resident gave us a tow back in and refused $50 for the effort saying what goes around comes around. 2 thumbs up!!
  13. Bjorn my account is a different name than jagger...does this matter?
  14. Good to hear the boys took care of you.Wasn't Simon by any chance??? He's always willing to lend a hand and share the knowledge.Laid back....only one...SAFWAA. Dirt cheap, great guys, great fish !
  15. jagger


    My sentiments exactly Jimbo !!Made only funnier by the fact that I to have done this :sick: I had a mate leave a packet of squid in the back of my old wagon which managed to slip down into the wheel well....only to be discovered months later once the smell had finally gone.Great read Jack and a warning to all.
  16. Very nice Jimbo. Great job!Did it add that much weight in the end?I'm sure there will be even more reports coming through this year from you with some great results.If you ever need a crewie at last minute notice let me know as I'm only up the road from where you launch
  17. That's exactly what we do at Cape Jervis Ranger. Even mark where we got the fish and focus on getting the baits back around those points if the wind changes etc. No point drifting to far off the mark if there aren't any fish 600m off the spot!Another tip is measure your anchor rope out and thread coloured rope through every 20ft or so. Blue for 20, green for 40, red for 60 and so on (have a visual chart handy to!) If you know you only have an approx the same amount of line out as the water deapth you are in, the chain wont have the oportunity to hold on the bottom let alone the anchor which is probably skimming the surface the bottom.Hope this makes sense?
  18. There was a 2wd bogged at the entrance to the beach yesterday holding traffic up. Sent the old lady down to direct traffic for a while till it cleared up.Recovery obviously pulled him out as he (recovery) was sitting at the top wathcing everyone waiting for his next victim on the way back. I hope the back pocket got stung hard for the 2WD !!!We had to dig up high to get ours yesterday which made life hard but got plenty. A garden fork was the tool of the day.
  19. No they are my old brass scales and a crappy photo takenAhhh...gotcha ! Ok, I can see it now. Spring style yeah?Crappy Photo..Yes
  20. Is that a samuri sword in pic 2?? or am I seeing things?
  21. My best up around 70 and only 3 odd kg'shttp://www.strikehook.com/forum/43-yorke-peninsula/159630-quick-innes-report#159630
  22. Do yourself a favour and buy a Marttiini!!! Brilliant knives, had one for at least 8 years and still love it to bits. Sharpens beautifully everytime and has the flex and point I look for in a filleting knife.http://www.marttiini.fi/epages/MarttiiniShop.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/MarttiiniShop/Categories/KalastusCan't give you much in the way of tips as my sharpening methods would probably make some cringe!
  23. Contrats Poppy !!First Grandchild? bet you're pumped.You're on a winner with the fishing partner....not so sure about Port though...