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  1. Well repairs went well which saw me walking away from hours in the water with only a damp sock from a pin hole I can't find somewhere( I can live with that )Cheers again for the info guysPeeli: where I was fishing, one foul step in the reeds and i'm over my head, may be a PFD isn't such a bad idea
  2. Gday PeeliPeeli,Cheers for the info. The old boy had had a pair of these for a while and recently had his repaired through the shop again.I had a go at repairing them today and will be testing them tomorrow so fingers crossed other wise I might invest in a new pair. I like the fact the do the oyster waders as well with blundstone boots. Should last a few years !!
  3. Nice work ChuckTseeker,Quickly and easily landed by the looks of things as well.Nice to have a benchmark like that on video. Well done.
  4. Thanks for the info guys. Appreciate the replies.I went out and had a look at the piece they gave me with the waders and sure enough... a small tube of the glue was folded up in it. I will give it a go but don't think there wil be enough so will take your advise.Thanks again.
  5. Any one have any idea on the best adhesive to use to repair waders or other suggestions ??I recently purchased a new pair and have hacked them up already with small tears in seveal spots on the lower legs. They came with spare material but no instructions on mending or adhesive.Can anyone help ??Cheers in advance
  6. jagger


    Great fresh on the barbie fred :stir:
  7. Sorry mate, should have explained a bit better. ;)I meant the rating on the split ring. Gives a good idea of just what a good fish can do to quality tackle ;DNice fish either way, 10min battle would be great 8)
  8. Unlucky there Big Ian.you can tell it would have been a good fight hooked like that.any idea on the ratings ??
  9. Gday LL,I purchased the same camera before my trip to the Middle East where I took about 4000 piccies. Great little unit for all round purposes, but.... the main thing I found that let it down is night time or diminsished light. Still not complaining about my purchase thousands of more pics on though.One of my favourite functions is the sunset feature. I have hundreds of sunset pic and love them all. Brings out very rich colours.
  10. Stu i'm with you on this one mate.. Wrasse all the way. Always different colours and sizes but always the same picky little bites usually. Great cockle theives ;)Luke I cought heaps on camo worms down at Jervis last weekend quite large as well. The bigger ones do bite a bit better. I kept one of the largest to try as we always throw them back. Good fun when nothing else is on ;D
  11. Do you have to go to the meetings to join Tony ???
  12. As Crocka said mate, enjoy One of the best eating things around imao.Well done and a good choice to go for them. I bet the little one really enjoyed himself
  13. I don't know about that Tony, Looks like he was having a fair go at it :icon_lol:Yeah, only a few thousand k's off track but there you go.Heading down to some territoru next weekend that I reckon could hold a few fish like that. Might have to keep a few for a taste.
  14. Gday Yobbo,Great idea mate !! You can certainly save yourself a few bob by doing it the hard way. All it cost is a bit of time.Funny you should mention it though, I have just given a fella at work a heap of lead to make me some jig heads for snapper sp's(fish head shape) he bought some in for me to look at and you would swear they where machine made they are that good.I will ask if him he's up for lending it out.
  15. Benny that's why I come up with the name jagger I always manage to get them in that region ::)Tony, haven't seen many people fish with that set up (sp)on the Mid coast. What do you generally target with them ?? :icon_e_wink:
  16. With that comment Grumpy, I think Ranger is trying to catch your score.. :icon_lol:In all seriousness though, I rate this site #1. Don't change a thing guys it's working well
  17. hehee... ;DSeriously though, I have just recently purchased a tackle back and yet to use it. Anyone else have anytips on these or similar?? I have also seen the ones with the chain to get entangled on the treble. I think these are mainly for the larger lures though.
  18. never cought much of any thing out of there but did manage to step on some thing real slippery and slimey one day doing a tri-athlon there. Felt the same as some thing I stepped on walking out at goolwa for a surf. I thin you catch my drift !!
  19. Never mind the rod, what about the bait ?? :
  20. Geez Tony that things a horse !! :oBring that to our mess mate, I could feed half the Air Force with that thing !! :icon_lol:
  21. I have had my eye on the jags for a while now, might have to take the plunge. God they look good don't they !!Westlakes, is that line the one that is coloured every however meters ??What are the specs on that if you don't mind me asking ?? Is thats going on for sharks this year ??
  22. Lovely fish..Gee these dams look the goods Tony.Some very healthy stock shown in your pics. Good to see. You must love being part of something like that !!
  23. Tony that is sensational !! I didn't even realise they grew that big !!Gee you have my mouth watering now. I can't wait to catch a halg decent one to see what they actually taste like !!Good work mate..
  24. awesome !!! simply awesome..I ran a lure in rather quick the other day that was very promplty followed at lightning speed. I can now see why !!
  25. My father holding one that went 79cm, largest of the trip. Quite a few over 70cm but not quite as big as this one. The funny thing is, that the session the year before saw the largest one in at 79cm as well. Edithburgh..Always produces the goods.. http://www.fishyorkepeninsula.com/images/attachments/ZsmQzHNA__79cm_claw_span_Edithburgh.JPG[/img]