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  1. Know exactly what you are saying guys but they do get wise pretty quick.I was one of the first to bait fish a prize SAFWAA dam and pulled several mid 50cm Rainbows, one after the other. Go there now and the big boys won't even give you a sniff. The only one's you get are from last years stocking.A 20lb fish is going to have been around for a few years (although pellet fed not that many) but enough to see a lot of lures thrown his way.Just puting a different spin on it....
  2. The humble elvis fish has saved many a days fishing to held top up a feed.Certainly not my preferred fish of choice but cooks up well.I personally only keep the big ones, around 30cm+ but yeah...they have graced my table many a time.
  3. Just drove over the bridge by the playground and the pelicans were going nuts.They had somehting there that's for sure!One a side note, I saw a school of salmon outside the reef at porties today and what seemed to be a school disturbing the water in front of southport surf club not 10 mins ago as well
  4. hahaha....yup! :pinch: And the rays.... :c
  5. Make sure you get off the beaten track....well it's all pretty well beaten but people expect to pull up in their car, throw out a line and catch a 20lber... may happen occasionally but it certainly seems to be the ones that know how to find the deep, quiet spots that find where the fish are.
  6. The mouth itself doesn't seem to yield that much apart from Salmon and baby mullet/bream.For flathead try other areas where there are tidal run offs into deep channels.Mullies seem to be more up towards perry's bend with a few well known spots along the way.Come down to the onkstastomp next sunday and you are guaranteed to see a few mullies pulled in. From memory averagin around 3 per year and bream around the 40cm mark.
  7. very delicate environment out that way and the longer it can be left untouched the better for the fish that use the areas to bread.Take the family for a drive down to goolwa with a picnic and make a day of it. Always get a good haul and a good size that will last for ages.
  8. Not sure about the tide effecting the crabs coming closer to shore but it sure makes the fisherman get closer to the crabs.Rule of thumb for spearfishing around Adelaide (but please check PIRSA) From outer harbour to the southern side of the onka mouth and 500 odd mt out is a no go.I wouldn't bother with a spear for crabs, rakes are better and do less damage to juvenile crabs if used correcty. Spear and undersized crab and it's a lose lose situation
  9. SAFWAA or SAFFA are the primary options here Bass13.Both have their pros and cons but I doubt you would be dissapointed with either.
  10. Things haven't changed one bit for me.Same old spots, same old hooks, same old fish!I know for some they are now restricted in how they go about things but it's less complicated for those that have a boat. A few have lost or going to lose the odd spot, some have to down size hooks. At the end of the day does it stop them fishing? No.The world is always an evolving beast and we can either choose to evolve with it or be left behind.My best advice is stick to the basics and don't think too much about what you want to catch. Do you really have to reinvent the wheel to do it?
  11. as long as you understand it.....
  12. Personally reckon it’s pretty lenient. Not a bad thing though.144 fillets of KGW is a lot of fillets. I don’t think I have ever had more than 3 days worth (72 fillets) in the freezer before at one time.
  13. Great site here you have stumbled across Paul and just by pure chance probabaly the largest contingent of ex-pats around that have set up a Freshwater fishing club here in Adelaide many moons ago. The club isgoing strong these days and some amazing fish being caught.If you ever find your way down here I think the club can accomodate interstate or oversees visitors for a small fee (would have to check with the membership officer but recall hearing something about it) keeping in mind FULL adult yearly membership is only $75 !!! SAFWAA has dams across the state with Native Australian Freshwater fish (all catch and release) and have many dams with trout, redfin and carp for those that want a feed.Even if you are only a internet fisherman...check out the freshwater pages for some stonking fish !!
  14. Have a chat to Southie as he seems to have his finger on what is biting and where over there. Summer the place becomes a playground for different species with mullies, snapper, blueys, yellow fin whiting all coming on board.
  15. Daiwa spinShimano overheadsand a mixture of Penn thrown in for good measure.Hard to go past Abu for simplicity though as well not that I own one but grew up on them.Rods....I seem to mainly stick to Shimano. Tried some Daiwa rods but just can't go past raiders for value for money. Ian Miller certainly has his finger on the pulse for the average fisherman
  16. Love the fact that you can regularly locate snapper schools bailing up bait around structures. You see them on the sounder, drop the line with the anticiaption of an almost instant hit sometimes.Mulloway seem to be a bit more of a waiting game and sadly I'm a very impatient fisherman so it's snapper for me all the way.
  17. Well done Mully, best result I have seen down that way for a while.
  18. Thanks mate and great incentive !Taking my 3 year old lad for the first time so he will be stoked
  19. http://www.strikehook.com/forum/27-boat-fishing/153029-wedge-island"Wedge Island" Thread
  20. Almost forgot about that thing ! Doing you well?
  21. Full body 3/2 Wetsuit.....if you're going to get wet you might as well be warm as toast
  22. Banga you should try my little 3 piece raider. Chuck it in the back pack to get in and out and then she's only 6'6" from memory for once your on the river bank