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  1. I was thinking at least 80lb !!28kg is only around 61lbSambo if that's right you'd be talking 90lb !!!!!She sure looks fat enough
  2. If there's one thing I have just found out...it's that Pt Vic whiting pull Adelaide whiting backwards (Probabaly Port broughtons as well for that matter) 3 Days, 3 bags with most a FAT 40cm+ :f Always do well on the winter whiting but winter for me is about chasing salmon/mullet/bream and hitting up the creeks for redfin and trout.Alway plenty of options and as mentioned, nice to see the crowds down and only the die hards out. I'll be the one standing at Sullies ramp still chucking lures around in gortex with waves crashing over me while the others run off the rocks when the waves come....love it
  3. Well that's news Jimbo ! I would suggest someone has thrown it over their shoulder from the river??? Who knowsI'm lazy when it comes to fishing down there so always hit the same spot!
  4. Cant remember last week let alone 12yr ago I can remember that the inside had a fair amount of a fat lining inside it.Bingo !!!Give me low 40cm's any day ! Still a beautiful big fillet but soft, tender and sweet Let the big girls breed :f
  5. Game on if it is Sambo...some cracking fish around there
  6. This make me wonder about Wirrina. Not exactly dug out... although there probabaly some form of dredging I presume at the entrance but certainly built out from existing beach/land.It's a no go for fishing with signs everywhere but I know the bream in there are very healthy as well as a few other species that frequent the area
  7. jagger

    Beaded Spiders

    Very nice 1fish. Have purchased some that look very similar before. Just don't have the time to tie yet with young kiddies. One day though!They look the goods though, hope they get you some stonkers over there!
  8. Give redfin a crack. You won't find a better eating fresh water fish here in SA.Far better than Trout
  9. Congrats on your first trout.I too kept one of my first but actually felt regretful whilst cleaning it. Too pretty to not put back I reckon and the best thing is you no know where they are and you can go back and catch the same fish over and over if released.Anyway...to the recipe.Baked in alfoil with some herbs, lemon butter etc is the easiest way to go.You can also smoke them whole but I must admit, the ones I tasted I wasn't particularly fond of. Muddy compared to a nice clean snapper or whiting
  10. Cal break the "water tube" or what ever they call it behind the neck just like squid and they die isntantly. Beit harder and they shrug up a bit but even a knife will do it if you can't get your fingers down there.They should go white straight away.
  11. cook exactly the same as squid. Much sweeter flesh! Bit more work to clean that's allLeave the tentacles for the KGWs.
  12. Easy fixed sambo...get a bigger tub Question...is there a bigger yak than the one you are running ??? WB...we may not have done that well in the comp but geez those ST's were fun ! fish a cast on anything we threw at them
  13. Another point - to my knowledge tournaments still have to follow PIRSA regs. Having said that, as long as the catch is withing these regs you shouldn't have a problem taking anything of legal length
  14. From memory he is more of a clearance outlet. His family has been importing for years and he gets the dregs by the sounds of it.Only been in there the once and had a chat to the bloke (who lives on mundoo channel apparently)and can confirm most ar chines custom imports. Some half decent gear but like a lot getting around, be wary of the price/quality.A mate picked up a shimano raiderII snapper 7'6" for $50 which was an absolute bargain. Was a one off though that he wanted gone apparently as he's there to sell his main brand...can't remember the name
  15. Best place on earth banga ! Take me lad for a ride/run down there on the weekends and can just sit there for hours.I've been halw way around the world and seen some awesome tropical places but there's no place like porties !
  16. Agree on the ET specail. Not a bad little shimano rod for around the $55 mark. I have been using one for the past 3 maybe 4 years as my whiting rod out of the boat and have landed plenty of other heavier species on them as well.Good value for money and comes with a decent brand name behind it. Another Ian Miller design from memory
  17. Found the operators down the cape very helpful Ale.Last time I was down there I was having a chat to one for quite some time and was vero forth coming with info and appreciated some info I gave.Know the guy you are talking about and have never heard good things. When people ask who to go with locally, you know I'm not pointing them his way !
  18. yeah shame if it wasn't released' date=' just like the 50lb'er in your avatar hey smokey....Sambo[/quote'] :whistle:
  19. ah why not.. just another boat wiht bait out. Stand the same chance as anyone else.It comes down to knowledge, persistance and a bit of luck.They have the knowledge of where they are and when they are biting just the same as any local that is switched on.If guys are prepared to pay megabucks to be a part of it instead of buying boats, rods, reels, sounders, put in the time etc... it's still promoting the comp and only adds to the challenge.I'm sure you would rather see half the field in charters and keep the comp running that have it fold due to limited trailer baots entering.For the record.... it does seem like an unfair advantage but then again I'd be interested to know what percentage of the larger fish came from the charter boats.
  20. Good read yet again Boyo.Better luck next year and like most things in life..always learning !
  21. That's the spirit ! Just don't find yourself stuck down a creek bed unalble to get out
  22. I spent a few days over there with the boat last year waiting for the wind to setelt and only got out brielfy for bugger all.Still one of the hairiest rides of my life made worse by the fact it was in the dark and we didn't know the area that well.Good luck but by all means, be safe !
  23. Not a bad fish for todays conditions...surely wil be knocked off tomorrow though
  24. I'd be buying rods !! Haha... you might just win the comp from the rocks