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  1. Great to hear mate.I'll mainly be sticking to 25gm, but occasionaly will go to 40gms...not very often though.My fav lure atm is the maria 38gm hardbody with just a single on the rear. Love it to bits !I've been using the snapper raider 7'6" for 2 years now so the extra lenght will be a welcome addition at waits, sellick and south port. Everything else will probably be the raider again.I'll be matching it to my 4000 FREAMS. Been using the 2500 sol for that long but the retrieval rate just isn't fast enough and the fact that I'm getting older want to make it as easy for myself as possible.Appreciate the info and think I'll be out tomorrow to purchase !
  2. Cheers SS, worth asking if they will go lower I guess.Don't want to sell your 315 to fund the 305 ?Can I ask the reason for upgrade? I'm genearlly looking at 40gm max so would be curious if there is more advantage going to the 305 or if the 315 is still plenty
  3. SS looking into one of these but curious where you picked yours up for that price ?Cheapest I can find, albeit a quick search is Ray&annes for $239
  4. I think I know whos berley pot he was carrying
  5. Cracking fish, congrats.Geez that sounds like UHF on tha camera
  6. The way snap decisions are being made lately.....who knows !Surely the longliners are going to be faced with extinctions within a matter of years, time to get the handlines out boys !
  7. As a rule of thumb.. in the freezer 3 months ( although I now vacuum seal so will probabaly extend to 6 months)In the fridge I wouldn't push past 3 days for most if filleted but if they still had their guts in...bait !You find most seafood get a nice little "slime" like when you leave ham for a bit too long.
  8. Just throwing this out there as a theory that could work in towards what you guys are talking about....Could it not be a classic example of when the larger fish are in less numbers then the smaller fish breed more rapidly as opportunity/less competition? Who really knows how they compete for breeding rights, surely it goes on ? Bream show signs of breeding, do snapper?This has been discussed many times over here with carp so why would the theory not be the same for snapper? Anyway...just spit balling as to why there is the volume of juveniles and what appears to be less older snapper.
  9. If the current one says no then maybe the new one will say it's ok..hehehe :evil: Drive past it everyday as well....hard to keep on the road with your head doing the exorcist head twist on the way past looking at the boats
  10. Ahh yeah.. not in SA. If you can however find a stocked stream called Twiggy creek in SA by all means please let us know if it's yours and we WILL ask first
  11. Incredible !!! Never seen anything go off like that.Thanks for sharing
  12. I see there's another feather in the cap Darren, nice work !
  13. Watch the weather all week and pick the days where it's not going to blow up more than 5-10 knots with minimal swell all day. No point heading over there in dead flat conditions on to come back at a snails pace in 20 knot winds chewing up a heap of fuel.That's another thing...make sure you take plenty !!!I would suggest teeing it up to go over with another boat for the first time to help build some confidence.Do some long range trips and get used to the boat first
  14. How set up do you reckon that cray on plastic is???? :/
  15. Nice ! Sure is a top place. We used to spend most weekends downs there as kids and it really hasn't changed has it
  16. Personally I wouldn't be too fussy as a little extra side to side action here and there wouldn't hurt. If it's continually pulling in one direction then it's another storyHow did you go anyway?
  17. hahha.....not allowed to use time out corners these days apparently...not much you can do these days!
  18. Sounds like a road trip coming up Banga...haha....
  19. That is an absolute cracker there 1fish !! not many around that size in this neck of the woods any more. Congrats on the PB and keep the reports coming.Might have to head up for a session one day
  20. Been fishing braid on the snapper rods for a few years now and seriously thinking about changing back.Had a few issues recently while fishing 2 rods each (4 total) out of the boat especially in deep water where it gives the fish more time to catch the other lines.The tangles are shocking with braid compared to mono but all part and parcel if you are prepared to use it.In saying all this... I still love braid and will have to have a few serious sessions on each to compare before I make the decision to change or not.
  21. jagger

    Daiwa sol2500

    I use my 2500 sol as an all rounder from snapper to bream, trout, redfinn, carp, YFW, boat uses such as squid, KGW etc....anything really. Love the size and the fact that it has 15.4lb of drag in case a big boy jumps on board. Swapped the T handle over for an RCS knob which made a big difference IMO...all feel.Also use it for casting salmon lures in winter but must admit prefer the 4000 FREAMS with a faster retrieval ratio in surfMainly keep 10lb sunline on it for bigger stuff and have 4lb fireline for the smaller gear.Will be buying the same size when it dies as it's so universal for me.I have a FREAMS KIX 2004 with 4lb but it just doesn't get used as I always pick up the sol.Hope this adds some weight to your decision.