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  1. C'mon guys....never heard of April Fool's Day??
  2. G'day fellers,I tried the heating/blanching methods but always was a bit chewy at best. When I did them for 6 hrs they were sooooo tender but I like the 4 hrs 'cos there is still some chew left in them. Give it a go
  3. FYI in case anybody wants to try pickling squid. I've read heaps of recipes and done them every which way but tender until now. Here's my recipe for what it's worth!If you have a slow cooker, one of those cheap Kambrook types is fine, clean the squid, cut into rings and put it in the cooker with only a small amount of salted water. (I just cut up 10 medium squid and used a cup).Put the lid on an cook on low for 4hrs, (I tried six then five now 4 which is OK for me but experiment with how tender you want it. Then I put some ice, salt and water in a big bowl..or the sink, plunge the squid in briefly just to cool and clean it. Stick into jars and top up with white wine vinegar, or whatever you want, add some pickling spices, (a couple of $$'s at the supermarket, shake it to mix and walaaah, good enough to eat the next day....if you can wait that long! Enjoy and let's know if you come up with any variations!