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  1. Mate that's almost a barracuda good fish
  2. Depends on $$$ you want to spend and how often you are wanting to go sp fishing. The more you spend the more you need to justify using the reel and the better you need to keep your reel, washing it everytime you use it.For me $0-50 i would go a shimano sienna or cazna, both nice little reels i have both and both are almost identical in performance and specs.$50-100 shimano sedona - i have two of these reels and they are great, 7kg of drag in a 2500 reel is practically a snapper reel.$100-150 - Shimano symetre - as Damo said, this is probably the best value for money reel, ultra smooth reel. I
  3. SA Fishing Adventures at MARION BAY with Herbie, Wayne and the boys. Tuna is Spring/summer, Sampson and kingfish in Autumn/Winter. With big nannygai/snapper/sweep available all year round. Costs range from $240 per day up to $320 for half day on tuna half on bottom bouncing. Gone three times, each time bagged out
  4. Another great post Des, very informative as always, think you can add me to the list of people caught with buying poppers, oh well, i'm sure the salmon trout will take them.
  5. Great scott that man is a GOD!Great report Des, looks like you might be shoulder to shoulder with a few of us soon mate
  6. Morgan enough with your 87lber why dont you just marry that fish
  7. One of the best eating fish in my opinion. Simple ingredients, the fish will provide the taste.
  8. Hit up the master "DEL" he is the Yellowfin whiting whisperer. The YFW head to warmer waters in the winter. They are always available Port Gawler and further north. Live tubeworms, live clickers and bloodworms are best baits. Lighter line the better, flurocarbon leaders and lightest sinkers you can get away with. Prepare to wade and walk a bit if you are hitting the sand flats up north. The schools will be small when the weather is at its coldest. The warmer the weather the bigger the school.
  9. +2 for Pauly, 20lb line on a 4000 reel is maximum you should fish. 20lb will get the job done with any skilled angler. unless you are fishing in 100 meters of water with reefs and other obstacles that wear away on your braid. Also allows you to put 200+ meters of line on the reel and 'play' with the fish more than skull drag it in.
  10. This is the reel you want. Big drag, more than other 4000 size reels. 9kg drag. I have the 2500 size reel and is more than capable of landing big fish.Ray and annes have them for $89.00. BCF occasionally have them in combos for $99.00
  11. Don't forget about a short drive to Port Giles Jetty. It's not always open but when it is, it's worth a try, mostly Tommies, squid. Tommies down there will bite on just about anything.
  12. Where is the dislike button you lucky snake!!!Enjoy
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