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  1. Madkeenfisho

    Blue Crab Bait

    It’s spot the Aussie down there annoys the shit out of me . I’m sure the people down there take way more then the limit and don’t give a crap about the fines about time fisheries had the power to impound cars and give $10000 fines that will send a solid message
  2. Madkeenfisho

    Saltiga or Stella?

    I own both a saltiga z4500 and a Stella sw 5000 the saltiga is a far heavier reel and feels like its the stronger reel but the 5000sw it's smoother and lighter it is also smaller which I like,suits me better for fishing our gulf.i fish the 4500 at a 24 kg reel and the 5000 as a 15 kg reel .just my opinion both are good
  3. Madkeenfisho


    nothing worse than a well jagged anchor on your first drop, and certainly not a place were i would be diving down to unhook without a shark shield getting soft in my old age.probably hold a few crays though for the brave divers.
  4. Madkeenfisho


    Any info on 7 mile reef or the pinnicals of victor, thinking about heading out there to give it a crack but have heared its very hit and miss.would like to hear other peoples thoughts on that neck of the woods.
  5. Madkeenfisho

    tuna at the cape

    Those schools of dolphins and birds were with the huge school of salmon near the pages on sat
  6. Madkeenfisho

    how much braid?

    i have a 2500 fh stratic spooled with 300 yrds of 15lb mustard dynimite braid. thats plenty strong enough ive caught 10 kg snapper with it, matched with a 2 to 5kg texi rod its a great whiting/squiding outfit and has caught more fish than any of my other outfits.remember that you are limited to the reels drag capicity and its better to have more light line on your reel for further casting.you catch more fish fishing lighter.hope this helps.
  7. Madkeenfisho

    Just Ordered My New Daiwa Seajigger

    its not often bruce lets the others do him out of a sale but it does certainly pay to look around.
  8. Madkeenfisho

    Just Ordered My New Daiwa Seajigger

    normally i buy all my stuff from ray and annes but got it on an impuse buy you know what its like when you enter a tackle shop for a browse.they give you same old spill like theirs not much mark up on their top end rods. learnt my lesson though ray and annes is the only place to go.
  9. Madkeenfisho

    Berkley Fireline

    K mart had 125 yard spools of fire line for $17 yesterday I rate fireline oldie but a goodie
  10. Madkeenfisho

    Just Ordered My New Daiwa Seajigger

    I've got a 315 and run 2500 stratic and 5000sw Stella get further casts will the Stella.Im annoyed at the prices you guys paid my cost me $280 that's what you get when you surport your local stores though.
  11. im running a texi 15kg stick a the momment but find it has a stiff action and takes a big ray or shark to but a good bend in it.im looking to match it to a 6 to 8kg rod to match up with 30lb braid any suggestions would be appreciated