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  1. I think this woman is not long for this world!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_FwnR8F4jc
  2. I got a free 6" popper with a another fishing mag a while ago.... its been sitting in my shed (still in box) never to be used.....I don't want another one.... unless it is one i can use.
  3. Cant wait for it... got my 12 month subscription for a Xmas present...
  4. Hey Macca.... nice little AppReally like the ease of using it and especially having access to certain beaches rather than searching areas like Wallaroo and then having to + or - minutes to get your tides for the area you are fishing....great work mate..... this has just replaced my other app i use to use. :cheer:
  5. Hey guys, not sure if any of you know about this You Tube channelReally is a great watch, i have sat for ages watching this guy in the UK make everything from sinkers to soft plastics, and i cant believe how easy he makes it look.Well worth a look if you are handy and doing this sort of stuff Click Here
  6. Bishy

    crab cooker

    I really like the look of that crab steamer.... any idea how much they go for?
  7. Reeve, its "not a rant"..... you have good right to be a little peeved over what you found... and good on you for questioning the person.... a lot of people nowadays are too scared to make comment if they see something out of the ordinary...The snails.... i think are periwinkles, years ago me and my Dad would get a few of these and cook them up and use a pin to pry out the meat from the shell..... believe me, you would need a shopping bag full to make a meal out of them....
  8. I'm a real novice when it comes to fishing for YFW and was looking at heading to middle beach in a few weeks to have a fish with the lad.I have never fished this area before and was wondering do you stay by the boat ramp or do you have to walk in with the tide etc....
  9. All good, got in contact with Shane...paid for and will be in the post on Monday :cheer:
  10. Bishy

    Spool repairs

    Thanks ausea... will give it a go
  11. Hey Guys,I dropped my spinning reel the other day and it left an indentation on the top on the spool.Right were the line comes off and would like to fix up..... What is the best way to do thisCheers
  12. hey guys, How do we go about getting a copy of back issues of Fishing SA i would like to get hold of the April - May 2013 issue.Cheers
  13. Hey guys, just got back from Stansbury ...Got a few nice squid of the Stansbury jetty last night.Got up early this morning and headed to Kleins Point jetty and fished for squid.... Easterly was blowing about 20k's, was very uncomfortable and cold.... didn't get anything for the two hours i was there but a couple of guys who braved the cold and spent the night on the jetty got a dozen big squid and a nice mulloway for their troubles.Cheers