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  1. You're right moggy. Thinking like about 8 am. But don't know if a southerly 14 knots as starter is not too bad considering 20 knots earlier. We got a 6.1 m carribean fiber glass boat.
  2. Thinking of heading to victa tom to chase bft for the second time. What will be the water like with the forecast of 13 knots morning and calming a bit after. Are there still bft around? Any loc where they been catching them lately?? Saunders threshold or pages?
  3. Also i remember, we saw school of dolphins swimming in a particular spot for a long time. When we anchor for snapper after a long troll, the school of dolphins are just 100 to 300 m aways moving around and stayed there for an hour. Just wondering if they are like that could there be school of tuna too underneath? We didn't try to chase them we thought it's only dolphins. And at some point we saw a big school of fish on sounder 20 to 40 cm fish pass by and gone.
  4. Im learning heaps from you guys you fishie... I'm imagining each and every tips that you're saying...ill add you if you don't mind....
  5. That would be a good fight on those ones.....spooled out 80 lbs braid would be high pumping adrenaline experience...... I'll really getting excited each day... keeping all in mind all of your replies.....
  6. I'll learning alot from you guys esp Fishie.... just all make sense...Would you mind if I add you? Would you mind if I ask you those banks coordinate?Yes we do have map on board...
  7. That's why we went back straight after not catching at the pages and troll back to Victa. So if weather changes and turns rough we are close to the ramp...So Fishie where do usually blind troll? We saw few fish while trolling however they are deeper (15-25 M deep). Only got 6 M deep diver that time. Where is saunders bank by the way???
  8. Thanks Ale!!!! Yes no giving up this time.... I'll keep all these in mind.... We are confident with the boat as we are out on gulf on times that only us on the water hahaha... however, knowing how is water in Victa and the pages give us advantage....It would help me even more if somebody would invite me on board to their boat chasing tuna.... Sharing for all the expenses is not a problem....
  9. Cheers Fishie and Moggy. That will help us on our next trip..... what sort of wind swell we need to consider before going out. I heareda bit of wind changes water and dangwrous. We got 6.1 m fiber glass carribean boat....I heard tuna bites a bit more now late arvo..
  10. Went out to Victor Harbour last Monday to chase Tuna for the first time.Left 4:30 Am at Morphett Valethingking we are early enough to get a park and we are WRONG!!! We arrived 6:00AM and it's like RUSH HOUR in the city...and no more parking... FInally launced the boat and got a parking half kilometer away ahahaha..... Without any experience only from magazines, posts talking to other people got the knowledge off we go. We've been told that after the Bluff you can start trolling and we did, 1 skirt 10 M away, 20 feet deep diving 15 to 20 M away and another deep diving roughly 25 m away. Got
  11. Can't remember the exact size but I think it's 80cm long.
  12. our weighing scale could be wrong but however that's what it says when we weighed it...3 of those fish is full of eggs... i think one of it eggs alone is a kilo...the smallest size is 77cm and the biggest is 90cm...
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