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  1. fishnuts

    Local Fly makers/sellers

    SaltyFlyer you have no idea
  2. fishnuts

    No photoshop. No Editing. Pure camera.

    I don't mate, it's just the time wasters that ask for a price and when you give it to them they want you to tie for nothing or they just don't answer back. They don't realize that it still takes time out of your day to reply to their stupid questions and then don't even have the decency to say, Ok mate thanks for your time even if they can't afford them or they are too dear for them to purchase. It really rubs me the wrong way when they keep asking about different flies 2 or 3 times and they still don't take the time to reply People don't realize that you basically do the labour for next to nothing because you just want to supply a very good product and enjoy what you do and that most of the complicated patterns take somewhere close to an hour to tie each one. Oh well, there are people out there that know they are getting value for money when it comes to flies and they are the ones I prefer to service anyway. Gripe over I'm still getting a lot of sales which is good. Cheers Dazz
  3. fishnuts

    No photoshop. No Editing. Pure camera.

    Cheers mate.... i tried selling them but people want things for nothing.... i think i price my stuff decent for what it involves and cost but i guess people dont see it like that I know what you mean!
  4. fishnuts

    Fishnuts Flys

    Thanks Goldy. I'm glad you like them and I reckon you'll score a few fish with them too. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to tie some gear for you and anything I can do for you in the future, you know where to find me. Snapperhead I gave you one of my Fishnuts Prawns in that creek one day a fair while ago, I hope you turned it into a fish or two. Anything I can do for you just let me know and I hope you are on the mend soon. Thanks guys. Cheers Dazz.
  5. fishnuts

    Light Painting Renmark sunrise

    Yes mate it sure was. Cheers Dazz
  6. fishnuts

    Light Painting Renmark sunrise

    I took this sunrise photo this morning and added a bit of trickery. I light painted the tree while taking a 30 second exposure. Didn't turn out too bad. Cheers Dazz.
  7. fishnuts

    A few recent fly captures

    I don't see any Bream there Mr Bream Reaper but there are some other pretty coloured fish in your nice photos Have you got shares in Harfin Cheers Dazz
  8. fishnuts

    Carp, flats flys blue skies

    I took that photo mate, you been snooping around in my computer again looking for pictures of yourself. It's a shame you can't take good pictures for me when I catch fish Cheers Dazz
  9. fishnuts

    My Summertime targets!

    Tinker I catch Mullies on flies exclusively. I can't get them with livies but the fly slays them Cheers Dazz
  10. fishnuts

    My Summertime targets!

    Good stuff mate, you'll have a ball. Cheers Dazz
  11. fishnuts

    Kranky Crab Scores

    I'm sure they do Ben but which one Cheers Dazz
  12. fishnuts

    Kranky Crab Scores

    First victim to the Kranky Crab, 42cm Bluelip Blackie. Had a great day and it's good when a plan comes together.Sorry about the fog in the pics but we can't give away everything can we :DCheers Dazz2 pics, same fish.
  13. fishnuts

    Kranky Crabs

    Thanks guys, it's good when a plan comes together Cheers Dazz
  14. fishnuts

    Kranky Crabs

    My solution to spending $20.00 and then just loosing it to a big bream. I'll give these a swim on Monday, they should do the trick.Cheers Dazz