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  1. yes Brenton, i believe they are going to weigh 5.9g? 2g heavier.
  2. Spot on in pt Lincoln. My mate got his from anglers warehouse
  3. I bought one today, my mate reckons he smashed the snapper on them, has anyone used them?
  4. the top one is a dusky morwong i reckon and the bottom one is what i call a rock cod and is a type of wrasse. both are rubbish eating.
  5. good work, nice sized trevally as well
  6. The knot being tied well is certainly important' date=' what type of knot you use is up to you and personal for some...I've tried the double blood, uni to uni, slim beauty, improved albright and bristol and settled on the bristol as my favourite; It's very strong, easy to tie (even with cold hands at night,) and has a nice low profile that slips through the guides almost effortlessly!Pic for reference:[img']http://i.imgur.com/MyHC2z7.jpg[/img]Dab some superglue on the finished knot and make sure the leader is long enough to wrap around the spool 4-6 times and you're golden!that pic shows a sli
  7. i have a Zing also, 8-12lb, i rate it pretty highly. good for whiting and havent tested it on a big snapper yet but it should handle that alright as well i reckon
  8. the only thing about a spider hitch is u lose a bit of the breaking strain of the line, 20% for mono and 40-60% with braid.
  9. Anyone else use this knot? I got shown it on a charter awhile ago and am going to start using it instead of the albright knot, takes a bit longer to tie because u also have to do a bimini first but is a much stronger and neater knot i reckon.http://www.igfa.org/about/bristol-knot-video-tutorial.aspxAlso, when u tie a bimini twist do u do it exactly as shown in Geoff Wilson's knot book or do u have your own method? I have seen it secured with half hitches over each leg of the loop and then a half hitch over both loops if you know what iI mean. I don't believe this way is as strong as the way Ge
  10. what about tuff line? sunline? daiwa tournament braid? Fins? Suffix? all the other types out there, what r ur opinions and experiences?
  11. i run 10lb on my plastics setup for Snapper, Power Pro as well which i wouldn't mind replacing either, the 30lb is my bait setup.How do u find the Saltiga Surf braid, good knot strength etc?
  12. I am looking at replacing the line in my Snapper gear, i have been using 30lb Power Pro and am noticing that it doesn't seem to be holding the knots as well. I'm not tying them any differently as far as i can tell. i was chatting to my mate and he suggested reversing the line on the spool, see if the other end feels better when pulling knots tight etc. that will be something i am going to try tomorrow, go down the tackle store and get them to use their machine.If i decide to replace the braid, what brand would u recommend and why? Also, after a session on the water, what do u do to ur braid, g
  13. thats basically what im trying to say, everyone on the facebook page is getting into a tiz about him killing it and just assuming that it was a pointless slaughter. he targetted it, caught it, killed it and he is perfectly entitled to do so. U cant do anything these days without upsetting people
  14. I posted this under the story on the adelaide snapper and fishing facebook page and i stand by it. People are cracking the shits with this guy catching and keeping a species when is legally allowed to do so on the one hand yet the WA government has issued a kill order on Great Whites Sharks, a protected species WORLDWIDE, because a few people were attacked by sharks over a number of years whilst they were entering their territory, primarily surfers which look like a Great White's natural prey.I'm not necessarily condoning him killing the Tiger shark but he is legally allowed to do so, what he
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