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  1. yep love the sound of this and will be giving it a go with my next batch of squid and I think ill even chuck a couple of tubes in as well as flaps and tenticles
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    From the album: fish

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    From the album: fish

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    IMG 0145

    From the album: fish

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    From the album: fish

  6. Yeah that's right all good in port Lincoln national park for fishing crabbing etc
  7. Mate called up recently while I was off work and said he was going for a snorkel in Lincoln national park so I joined the fun found a nice little bay and hit the water was only in 10 minutes and come across a lovely scallop bed we both got a great feed as well as acouple of blueys each had a couple of beers chilling in the esky when we got out to top the arvo off
  8. I just got for Christmas and loving it
  9. whats the method you used for making bacon mate that looks awesome
  10. cheers great advice thanks guys
  11. cheers great advice thanks guys
  12. Thanks guys that's what I love about this site you have years and years of expertise and experiences that really help out.Any thoughts on the shimano charter special lever drag reels .
  13. Hi guy was wondering if any members have a ABU 7000i have been looking for a new overhead reel and had a ABU 7000c back in the early 90's that was a awesome reel for larger fish and was wondering if these newer models are still any good found them on ebay brand new in box for a very reasonable $147 bucks free delivery from fishing wholesalers Lonsdale any feed back would be great thanks guys
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    IMG 0494quinny

    From the album: fish

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    YFW love em

    From the album: fish

  16. id be more than happy to split costs with you mate and only live up the road so to speak in port Lincoln I work away 28 days on 28 so I usually have a bit of time for fishing when im off
  17. That's a lovely mixed bag well done how do we score a trip with you mate
  18. That is a awesome fish just sad to see a big breeding fish like that killed but I guess that's what commercial fishing is all about
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    Fish ID

    yep silver belly lowfin my brother used to call them we used to catch a few on semaphore reef whilst whiting fishing