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  1. Do you still play marbles..???? I am getting on in years but occasionally still play with my marbles.
  2. What a lovely place you live in, we visited Tassie a couple of years back and thought Sheffield was a beautiful place. Loved the marble shop ........
  3. Got a couple over 6lbs over the years, this one was 6.5lb from memory, around 87cm long and fat, had to gaff it as it was on light line with a small lure!
  4. Had a quick read LL, and will definitely come back for a more in depth read of your adventures when I get a moment.
  5. I am curious as to whether or not these models have been proven in similar situations in the past? Like water dripping on a stone will eventually wear a mark on the stone I wonder how the rope will stand up to constant movement with the wind effect? Let's hope they work and bring in some smaller fish which in turn will feed those big lakes mulloway.
  6. Very interesting site SaltyFlyer, I find it interesting to see the perspective of a person standing next to the shark and the actual measured length of that shark documented. Just recently there was a "6 metre" white shark fimed swiming around a boat and it was apparently bigger than the boat, but I am sure some of these 12 foot pointers look as big or even larger than that one. It is so easy to over estimate the size of these things in the heat of the moment.
  7. Not sure if that is the same fish, the one in your photo has a weird growth on its chin.
  8. Back in the 80s my mate had a good day on the bream in the lake. On his way home he stopped by my mum's to show me the fish. All good size with two horses in there. I did not measure them but I did weigh them on the kitchen scales. Just recently I found an old photo of the 5 fish laying on my mum's kitchen lino with the weights of the two biggest written on the back of the photo, the biggest went 4lb 7oz and the next one went 3lb 10oz. Don't know how long they would have been but they were the biggest bream I have ever seen caught. Pity we didn't put a ruler or some reference next to the fish when the photo was taken. We also used to snorkel in the lake in the early days and on the SW corner of Delfin Island (no houses there at the time) we would see some massive bream resting in clumps or balls of weed. Occasionally we could grab their tails but they always broke free easily. These fish were huge bream. So I have no doubt at all that there are very large bream in the lake at the current time, they do not get that size by being stupid either, I suspect they are very timid and cautious.
  9. It's a Moonlighter, very common on reefy grounds.
  10. Hmm not too sure about that one jaffa, I would have thought that if there was one that size officially measured and on record it would be very well documented. It seems to be difficult to find any indisputable measurement much over 6 metres. Although I did have a plumber come to my house one day and when he saw my boat he started talking fishing, he told me about the shark they saw one day of the coast locally. They were in a 25 foot boat and this shark was over a metre longer than the boat at each end. I think by the time he left that shark was up around nearly 10 metres long. I am sure that there must be some beasts out there that would blow our minds but it is so hard to get an accurate measurement when these things are in the water. Just bearing in mind the refraction of light through water makes them look bigger. Same effect when you look at your line entering the water, the line is going in at an angle but appears to change direction once it penetrates the surface.
  11. There is a "thread" on this forum titled KGW PIRSA's MISLEADING COMMERCIAL CATCH GRAPH http://www.strikehook.com/index.php/topic/27328-kgw-pirsas-misleading-commercial-catch-graph/ It includes a graph and some catch data, but unfortunately it is in a section of the forum where no replies can be added. This new thread is related to the information in that first thread. I was at the meeting at Glenelg and saw the graphs relating to to the decline in the commercial catch, what was mentioned was that there had been a significant reduction in the number of licenses attributed to the KGW commercial fishery, 700 odd down to a number in the 300s I think. Tony Fowler made point that the "Fishing effort days" ( I think this is what they are called ) was also greatly reduced, almost proportionately. These graphs were put up and spoken of briefly before moving on to the next part of the presentation, but from my recollection it appeared that the commercial catch was reduced to around 50% over the span of the presented data and the fishing effort days was reduced by a similar amount. If what I have recalled is around the mark, then to me it indicates that the return for effort has not dropped too much at all????
  12. You are not chucking out a bait here yourself, are you? How does one morally justify eating a piece of chicken, a steak or any other meat for that matter. I believe most people eat their catch and can justify fishing because of that. However I do see that in the future it will be frowned upon to be seen posing for a photograph holding a large dead fish as a trophy. Look in the past, at one stage it was a champion effort to shoot a lion or elephant and stand next to it for a photo, and what about sharks, some years back to catch a large shark and hold its jaws open made for a good newspaper story. Try that now and see the reaction, it is viewed as barbaric by many. Anyway, I go fishing and I only kill what I will eat and use, and it tastes good!
  13. I put mine in the freezer, not real good the next time otherwise...........