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  1. during darkness when backing down ramp switch your headlights to parkers so the next guy is not blinded whilst backing next to you, nothing worse then trying to back your trailer and being blinded while the idiot next to you stuffs around hooking his boat on
  2. yep met the bugger too just after xmas
  3. https://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/onkaparinga-council-upgrade-security-at-boat-ramp#petition link above.hope the link works
  4. well launched yesterday at 6am and witnessed the results of these scumbags.there was a guys car with trailer on the back which had the drivers window smashed in, perhaps its time to get a petition going to council regarding security upgrade, bloody scumbags
  5. do you put your bottom hook below your sinker on paternoster style rig
  6. who rates them vs tie your ownie circle hook v long shankpatternoster v running rig
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