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  1. Kingfish over 30kg Mulloway over 15kg Bronzie 8ft + on 10kg Bluefin over 100kg Snapper over 10kg
  2. Whiting are firing around metro Landed my first samson wide off marion bay
  3. A date in the photo of the fish on the brag mat or ruler would be a good idea bjorn.. Great prize would live to have a third pair of spotters aha
  4. My biggest is 88 from the coorong so hard to say well earnt aha Was drizzling the night i got it so didnt take my phone fishin, no pics always the way
  5. Nice fish there adam Never really chased big mullies but think ill put some time in next summer
  6. They still small brenton ?? I was there few months ago and they were just under.. thort by now we would have mainly legal fish
  7. Softy they probably last another ten if you don't use them
  8. Thats what happens when you comment at 1:45am mate aha sorry again im not a complete ass i swear
  9. Sorry underpants dont mind my rant if you were tlking about locals with a high price for hookems
  10. Underpants ahaha you have to be joking right... they are the best gaffs money can buy.. fiberglass with rope grips marine grade stainless.. people dont buy them from overseas for no reason.. like sayin you want tiagra preformance for the price of a penn senator Nothing sad about steves work mate thats why half the serious game fishos have his very own status rods and run his topshot gaffs and outriggers
  11. Topshot gaffs wont ever fail all made with marine grade stainless. Ring steve morris at topshot tackle and get a price 8346 8088
  12. Have to try it next time.. never eaten any smoked fish, think this would be a good start
  13. Always use mono leader so the braids not rubbing on foul or rocks The strech from the mono will be a benifit aswell
  14. I got three but theres defiently room for another one. The livebait you sold to barbs is a sick rod
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