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  1. I already have some of the ones mentioned , I have used them but personally prefer a thicker wired burley spring .
  2. Hi guys , I bought a few stainless burley springs online a while back and they are great, nice thick wire , perfect for me. Stupid me cant remember the website I got them from , im too lazy to make my own , and I don't want the cheap Chinese made ones. Can anyone point me in the right direction as I wont more, must be THICK wire and Australian made. wish I could remember the website I got the last ones from ! cheers
  3. Yeah Land based fishing in Darwin, firstly , watch out for crocs ! Mandorah Jetty i would go to if decent tides, they get a mixed bag off there inc Spanish macks , queenies , trevally , sharks. The wharfs do still fish ok , but the majority of decent trevally etc will smoke you on structure . If your going to try for Barra landbased, id gather some info first on where is fishing good at the time you plan to go , as alot depends on what baitfish are around etc and of course the sometimes huge tides. The local knowledge of the crew at the darwin fishing and outdoor shop (in darwi
  4. so , from start to finish a Mulloways life is solely in SA ? or do they migrate through states etc ?
  5. Hi guys , Just wondering are the school size mulloway in the coorong purely going in from the mouth to feed, and then move on , or what ? what brings them into the coorong ? do they hang around in there ?Are mulloway breeding in there ? or are they purely tidal effected and thats what brings them in ? Same with the port ? why do they go in there? just to feed ? to breed ? , sorry im a novice when it comes to mully info . Interested to learn ! cheers !
  6. Hi guys , im thinking of getting a Lowrance hook 2 4x sounder (first sounder iv ever purchased), for my kayak , but am open to other suggestions . looking to spend maximum 800 bucks for complete sounder set up , and looking to get the best bang for my buck :) Id like it to be good quality viewing but no need for a million different settings , id like it to be easy to use . Suggestions welcome . As i say just getting an idea about whats on offer at mo . cheers
  7. Its a Head ache these rules.......why are they not crystal clear. Reading through all the fine print etc.
  8. DMCK , i just want to be sure what im buying as tuna oil doesnt contain blood. As the way the legislation reads for this state any form of animal blood (and a fish being an animal) is not legal within 3 nautical miles of the state mainland.
  9. Savage , from my understanding thats incorrect ... the actual SA legislation states any blood of an animal. And a fish , if researched on line is classed as an animal.
  10. Hi guys , i have a question regarding tuna oil. By law , it is illegal to berley with blood (amongst other things) from our saltwater shores. I see that alot of tuna oils available in tackle stores are very dark and thick , some are very pink/clear in colour also . My questions are, does anyone know the process of how the make tuna oil ? is there blood in tuna oil ? Is it legal to use tuna oil from the shore to berley ? cheers,
  11. Reel im thinking of getting is the Abu Garcia Revo MGX (Left hand).
  12. I Have 6ft baitcaster rod (medium action), low profile baitcaster reel i still have to purchase , 1/8-1/4 ounce jig heads .... want to use braid....want to be able to cast the jig heads as far as poss (i know spin would be better for distance but i want to use baitcaster) what lb and what type of braid would be best ?
  13. Hi all, Is there anyone on here that uses low profile baitcaster reels with braid in freshwater (NOT abu 5000/8000 etc ! ) and fishes 1/8-1/4 ounce jig heads ? need some advice !
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