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  1. Low profile Baitcaster reels and braid .

    Reel im thinking of getting is the Abu Garcia Revo MGX (Left hand).
  2. Low profile Baitcaster reels and braid .

    I Have 6ft baitcaster rod (medium action), low profile baitcaster reel i still have to purchase , 1/8-1/4 ounce jig heads .... want to use braid....want to be able to cast the jig heads as far as poss (i know spin would be better for distance but i want to use baitcaster) what lb and what type of braid would be best ?
  3. Hi all, Is there anyone on here that uses low profile baitcaster reels with braid in freshwater (NOT abu 5000/8000 etc ! ) and fishes 1/8-1/4 ounce jig heads ? need some advice !
  4. Darwin, Barra fishing day tour recommendations . Kakadu

    wow 3 days for a donut.....spewing !
  5. Heading over to Darwin with Mrs in June, keen to do a Day Barra fishing tour...... thinking kakadu area ....any recommendations ? dont mind forking out if decent . cheers.
  6. The Bream Reaper, thank you for you help with all my posts. much appreciated ! wooly buggers in dark colours for carp ?
  7. Ok, so plan to target some big carp this summer from a relatively narrow fast flowing section of river. iv got 2 reels, one loaded with rio 6wf line (iv been using this for redfin) iv got 6lb leader on this also flurocarbon. and the other reel is a slightly larger reel loaded with rio wf8f/i with a clear tip to the fly line. then i have a 15lb flurocarbon leader off of this.Plan to use this for salmon. Rods , i have 2 , both 4 pce, one is a 6wt the other is an 8wt. The rods go with there matched weight line (see above) so my question is , for the big carp what set up would be better ? do i risk spooking the carp with heavier lines etc ?
  8. Hi fly fisho's ! anyone know where i can get one of those bucket type things for holding fly line when fly fishing the surf etc ? they clip around your waist....dont even know what they are called. But i definately need one. cheerd
  9. Best fly line.

    For saltwater.....im interested in getting the distance.
  10. Best fly line.

    In a you tube video i watched it was suggesting the angler potentially would get more distance casting with the in touch, as there is no stretch, therefore not losing any transferred power in the cast.
  11. Time to ask for help...

    Thankyou sbarnden .
  12. Time to ask for help...

    Cheers Mrfish
  13. Best fly line.

    Is the Rio in-Touch nicer than the original rio gold etc ? iv read a few online reviews and it gets a good write up. I have to say im very happy with the rio gold i purchased.
  14. Time to ask for help...

    Ok so after recently getting back into fly fishing iv been fishing some small ponds that i know hold some big redfin (40cm plus fish) iv seen them. I have seen people get them on lures like eco gear in a dark striped pattern and the lures rattle ....i want to try catch the redfin on fly , have tried alot of flies lately, with no success, varied retrieves and still nothing. I can cast fine and confident in my technique , and i can get good distance. the flies i have been using vary iv tried beaded head nymphs , wooly buggers in green and black....im wondering if my flies are too small ? iv been using size 10 and 12 hook flies.....the more i think about it the more im thinking the fly is too small. Anyone got any tips and advice for fly fishing redfin ? any pics of good flies for redfin ? hook size ? style of retrieve ? cheers !
  15. Local Fly makers/sellers

    Projoe didnt mean to offend you if i did, i havnt done fly fishing for a long time and im out the loop, i have to admit i was thinking in british pounds for some strange reason when you told me the prices lol. Il take a poke in the eye lol.