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  1. newtontoney


    Dogs !
  2. newtontoney

    Mulloway migration info

    so , from start to finish a Mulloways life is solely in SA ? or do they migrate through states etc ?
  3. newtontoney

    Mulloway migration info

    follow the fresh ???
  4. newtontoney

    Mulloway migration info

    Hi guys , Just wondering are the school size mulloway in the coorong purely going in from the mouth to feed, and then move on , or what ? what brings them into the coorong ? do they hang around in there ?Are mulloway breeding in there ? or are they purely tidal effected and thats what brings them in ? Same with the port ? why do they go in there? just to feed ? to breed ? , sorry im a novice when it comes to mully info . Interested to learn ! cheers !
  5. newtontoney

    Kayak sounder

    Hi guys , im thinking of getting a Lowrance hook 2 4x sounder (first sounder iv ever purchased), for my kayak , but am open to other suggestions . looking to spend maximum 800 bucks for complete sounder set up , and looking to get the best bang for my buck :) Id like it to be good quality viewing but no need for a million different settings , id like it to be easy to use . Suggestions welcome . As i say just getting an idea about whats on offer at mo . cheers
  6. newtontoney

    Question about Tuna oil

    Its a Head ache these rules.......why are they not crystal clear. Reading through all the fine print etc.
  7. newtontoney

    Question about Tuna oil

    DMCK , i just want to be sure what im buying as tuna oil doesnt contain blood. As the way the legislation reads for this state any form of animal blood (and a fish being an animal) is not legal within 3 nautical miles of the state mainland.
  8. newtontoney

    Question about Tuna oil

    Savage , from my understanding thats incorrect ... the actual SA legislation states any blood of an animal. And a fish , if researched on line is classed as an animal.
  9. newtontoney

    Question about Tuna oil

    Hi guys , i have a question regarding tuna oil. By law , it is illegal to berley with blood (amongst other things) from our saltwater shores. I see that alot of tuna oils available in tackle stores are very dark and thick , some are very pink/clear in colour also . My questions are, does anyone know the process of how the make tuna oil ? is there blood in tuna oil ? Is it legal to use tuna oil from the shore to berley ? cheers,
  10. newtontoney

    Low profile Baitcaster reels and braid .

    Reel im thinking of getting is the Abu Garcia Revo MGX (Left hand).
  11. newtontoney

    Low profile Baitcaster reels and braid .

    I Have 6ft baitcaster rod (medium action), low profile baitcaster reel i still have to purchase , 1/8-1/4 ounce jig heads .... want to use braid....want to be able to cast the jig heads as far as poss (i know spin would be better for distance but i want to use baitcaster) what lb and what type of braid would be best ?
  12. Hi all, Is there anyone on here that uses low profile baitcaster reels with braid in freshwater (NOT abu 5000/8000 etc ! ) and fishes 1/8-1/4 ounce jig heads ? need some advice !
  13. newtontoney

    Darwin, Barra fishing day tour recommendations . Kakadu

    wow 3 days for a donut.....spewing !
  14. Heading over to Darwin with Mrs in June, keen to do a Day Barra fishing tour...... thinking kakadu area ....any recommendations ? dont mind forking out if decent . cheers.
  15. The Bream Reaper, thank you for you help with all my posts. much appreciated ! wooly buggers in dark colours for carp ?