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  1. anyone know any good places for a dive or some spearfishing? never done it before and would like to give it a go. any tips would help.cheers people
  2. awesome, thanks heaps people. do I go bare foot or with shoes on?
  3. land based, dont have a 4wd, but I have a crappy car that will get me around
  4. I know peoples secret spots are exactly that, a secret. but if you could give me a general idea of where to go for some good fresh water fishing, what to target and how to catch them? I would really appreciated it. like what is the best fresh water fish? where will I find that? how will I catch them? or if there is any links people could post so I could read up for myself, I would appreciate it.thanks
  5. I have never been to get my own cockles before, have only ever got them from shops. I am hoping to "catch" my own this year as I think the season is open for it? but do I use a net? bait pump? rake? bucket? all the above? lol. also any tips and tricks would be great? like what to look for? apart from the obvious, look for cockles also how to store them till I get home? and any other random things people would like to tell me, can never have enough information. thanks, hope you all have a great weekend
  6. just wondering what people are getting from jetties at the moment? are some better than others? would like to have some crab nets in while I fish with a mate. hopefully someone could give me some help?
  7. just wondering if people could tell me some good spots for spear fishing that are reasonably safe? and where I will still be able to get a decent feed for the family? have had a spear and flippers for ages and now it is warming up I would like to really get into it.thanks
  8. just wondering what the rules are on using a hand spear? also if can you use the spear to get crabs? and does the tide affect the crabs coming in closer to shore?
  9. yeah, I still have a while to do some research and get prepared, so I should be set by the time Nov comes around thanks heaps for all that!
  10. no real set spot, I like to get away for weekends and check out new places, try new things ect. but I guess Yorke or I think its called Fleurieu Peninsula (victor harbor, cape jervis ect.) would be the best bet for me. but the info you have given so far will help me! thanks for that
  11. pots, but possible diving... mainly just where I will find them, what they feed on, the general things to help me find a spot or spots for myself. because I dont think to many people will give up their hot spots online for all to see
  12. just wondering if anyone would like to spill some tips and tricks for getting crayfish??? if you could inbox me some good spots, so every person on here doesnt head out this arvo, I would be more than happy to steal your catch but just some general rules so I could find them and catch them would be great
  13. well yes, bad choice of words on my behalf then. get rid of them from the menu is what I mean I usually eat it all because I'm a pig, was just to tired that night so only filleted 3 and froze the other 5. threw lots back, do not worry
  14. thanks for the lecture. I use all scraps for bait and burly already. BUT that was nothing to do with my original question!
  15. got them last friday. stopped at the 1st petrol station I saw and got ice to put on them, then put them in a glad bag thing and straight into the freezer as soon as I was home. they were gutted last night, as was hoping to cook them for dinner tomorrow night (so they are in the fridge at the moment)
  16. well I gutted them last night and was going to cook them tomorrow night. they are whiting and salmon trout. so I should just throw them away? I got home late as was to tired and hungry to clean them all up, so I just put them all in the freezer for a few days. get rid of them?
  17. so say I did freeze them and then gut them while they are still frozen then leave them in the fridge for a day or 2 to defrost. will I get sick if I cook and eat them?
  18. can I freeze whole fish, squid, crabs ect. then defrost and gut them as I want them? or will this make me sick? :sick:
  19. great, cheers for that but how would I know it is the real brand and not some cheap 'look-a-like' on US ebay? or is there no rip off, just the brands and the cheap stuff?
  20. what sites would I look up that I can trust when buying?
  21. by mail order, do you mean buy it online?
  22. ohhh, so the mag says 'blank'then under it says graphite, fiberglass ect. that just means what the rod is made from? sorry, looking in the Shimano mag if anyone has it?and since I am going to order the things in without actually holding them or seeing them in person I guess I will just have to guess since the weight is only in the shimano mag for the reels, but not in others I have.thanks heaps people!!! I now know I dont want a baitrunner :)but I was going to get a few things. want to try off the beach and boat as only been off the jetty so far. but will be greedy and get a new one for jetty
  23. ok, great. so if I am buying a blank it will have no guides or grips? and if I am ordering it in, I wont be able to try it on the other, so any sizing tips?what you mean about the general info and others?
  24. a few things I would like answered before I spend my money. what does it mean when a rod is a 'blank'?how do I pick the right reel to suit a rod (or vice versa) without actually holding or seeing it in person? (I ask this as my local did not have anything that I really liked, but gave me product catalogues offered to order things in for me.)what are the differences between 'normal' spinning reels, and baitrunner reels? that would be what they are used for I am guessing?that is all for now, but I think I will have more soon
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