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  1. For any of u guys interesting in tuna fishing. i had 4ppl last minture cancellations. And I need 4 more ppl to make it happen. Our group of 4 are easy going and very keen fishermen.We are going with SA fishing adventure. we'll be heading out chasing Blue Fin tuna first and then bottom bouncing for the second half of the day for snapper, nannygai...If interested send me a PM or text 0420846175
  2. Does anyone know who have them in stock?
  3. I m planing go to fishing with sa fishing adventure next month.Just wondering what size of the hook should I use? How many oz of the sinker should I use?Thz
  4. this one is BCY013. but itz similar to the BCY069.
  5. btw those rod can handle 100lb+ GT from the shore
  6. I think it's $199.... Not $99
  7. The braid line that snapperhead talked about.
  8. Is it call Dyneema Bradi ?
  9. What overhead dou guys recommend?I used to use Newell... But they stop to make reel already... So dun what to use now?How about shimano tld15?Just wondering do u guys use braid line for beach fishing?