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  1. Same here mate' date=' but not sure where to go now. usually camp near renmark' date=' but its all flooded out and no access.[/quote'']Will keep our ears out then hey
  2. Hopefully find a nice camp spot on the river somewhere
  3. What size you got there mate ??
  4. Anyone out there own one ??????
  5. Nothing beats a Bilge pump in an esky with a spray bar
  6. http://www.strikehook.com/forum/19-site-supporters/113743-bulk-baitWill do Both cheaper for bigger quantity's
  7. What's "IQF" mean mate ? Sounds good as I know what you're saying in regards to block pilchards.And can you get em at your average tackle shop?thanks in advanceYes mate we sell them here at Pacific Marine in 5kg bags or a 14kg box
  8. Definately the human grade pillies straight from the wholesaler, nothing beats them............
  9. Okay will keep my hands in the pocket for a few more weeks then
  10. Have you had an issue with one of their reels matt ??? know a couple paople that have used them and couldn't complain.. Fin-nor reels have been around for a long time (Overheads)Sorry thanked you when meant to hit submit. lol
  11. Yeah right, Going to be running my Catalina 4500
  12. Has any body used them, looking at getting the 80lb spin stick Loaded one up and very impressed :ohmy: Just putting it out there for anymore feedback ???
  13. Some awesome shots there, some beautiful things to come