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  1. Hi Knackers My last trip over SA was to Coffins and tried to launch from farm beach but without a tractor so we had no chance so we launched from town ramp. This added a bit more time but we bagged out on our tuna and a few other fish so all good but the missus didn't like it there and said no to living there. I'm looking at house's in Lincoln but she has her head set on one of the old bungalow's and finding the one she wants for the cash we have is problematic in both areas. I have a plus with Lincoln in a very good mate is going to retire there in a few more years so I just have to find the right house.
  2. Thanks for all the replies everyone. Yeah main reason is the missus family all live in Adelaide and all my direct family moved over west. I have some relies in Kadina and Moonta and for me to move back to SA there was no way I could ever reside in Adelaide. I have some relies over at Lincoln but any further out from there she isn't going to agree as they have a reasonable airport to get back to Adelaide for her. I had to compromise with her otherwise not a happy girl as she has never lived outside a city and is scared she won't like it. No probs for me as I grew up down by Bordertown and have told her for years that we are not retiring in some sh*t hole of a city. In the end we are trying to compromise with each other as I love the bottom of yorkes but I know that my chances of getting work are at the best remote as for her it doesn't matter as she works from home remote for a Canberra company. The reason why we started this journey a little earlier is I have and a shoulder reco and can't get rid of industrial dermatitis on my hands so we made the decision that if I have to start a new job may as well move and start a new life
  3. I know what you mean softy but I have lived near some really beautiful families over here and then had the ugly and we would prefer to distance ourselves a bit as it will be our last move. I know you can get some crap in every town and you can't tell what your neighbour will be like so just trying to shorten the odds. Poppa snake when we get there and settle in I will be looking for deckies as been away for so long my school mates don't have my fishing addiction. I am leaning towards the towns up the top as I've read they might be closing down a few things down the bottom. The work prospect will also be a lot better up the top also as I'm not rich enough to retire yet ( need to win lotto )
  4. Thanks for the reply dmck and softy as my brother did make a comment about Port Vic with the locals and I wasn't sure if it was still like that.
  5. Hi all I'm a ex South Oz from over 30 years ago and am moving back from Perth. My dilemma is that I have no intentions at all to living in the metro area. I have a 21 foot Haines sig and am trying while living here to work out where to move to over at Yorkes. We love our fishing and would have to adjust as we usually fish 30 metres plus here but miss our kg and snapper fishing. I have been deciding on the towns but am very sceptical to commit due to if we get it wrong it will take forever to sell and move. The towns we are considering are in no preference order Wallaroo, Ardrossan, Edithburgh, Wool bay, Point Turton, Port Victoria and Port Hughes. I am hoping that I can get some helpful feedback to help our choice.
  6. Hi Wadey did you end up buying the Fish hunter, just saw one for sale here in Perth and might not have the bigger brand finish but is the right price. I've been looking for a seafarer viking but have not found the right one here in WA so considering this fish hunter but been away from south oz for a long time and don't remember this brand that well. Cheers Chris