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  1. I hooked onto a big bream the other week and i pulled him up ageanst the bank and he snapped the line and it was around 49cm :c
  2. Sorry about the pics i tried to mack an attachment but it fialed so just search in ebay for lure blanksi havn't tried them because i have to order them but they're just the bodys with rattles ,the little hook spot things and theye took them out of the factory before they got pianted up.
  3. Hi i found some cool looking lure blanks for under a doller each with weight and rattle inside and comes with 3D eyeshttp://www.ebay.com.au/itm/10-x-DFS-BLANK-55mm-MINNOW-PLASTIC-LURE-G-/140891488374?pt=AU_Sport_Fishing_Tackle&hash=item20cdc98076#ht_3242wt_932http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/10-x-DFS-50mm-POPPERS-unpainted-BLANK-small-POPPER-PLASTIC-LURE-C-/130762641669?pt=AU_Sport_Fishing_Tackle&hash=item1e720f9105#ht_3253wt_932You can piant them up with cheap glittery nial polish and they should be just as good as normal expensive 8-15 doller lures and if you whant you can go allout fancyS
  4. Yeah he spent some time here it siad that at the start.PS:hes alright because he dousn't have a big ego and he treats the fish with respect unlike some of the other fishing shows but he is a bit nousy.
  5. I hade a look and i think i wont buy fly gear.Is there a way of casting a fly with normal spin gear?
  6. What wieght would i need for carp?
  7. Hi im looking at geting a fly reel and line of ebay.I heard about a wieght thing for fly gear and i was wondering wat it means. I was wondering if i could use a normal rod.
  8. Sorry guys but im only intrested in buying them from the shops.The junkmial came today and in the rays outdoors catalog and it siad there is some assorted surecatch lures for $4 each but not sure about the size.might give it a look sometime :evil:
  9. Dos enyone know were to get really small lures cheap because i dont whant to have to spent 5-$10 on a lure that i might lose to a little bit of structure? :pinch:
  10. If only i learnt this when i started fishing :pinch:
  11. stinger


    i mean are there a lot in them or just a couple?
  12. stinger


    How manny gents do i get out of 1 tub and how long will a tub last?
  13. stinger


    I havnt used gents before and i want to know were can i get some and how much will they cost?
  14. yah i found it gos further with the line under the rod and the rod the right wayup and its great for the river near all the trees and bushes
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