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  1. I also do the fishing rag/hand wipe towel in it after the fish - takes all the crap off before it hits the wash machine and this keeps the wife happy!! Trick is to get it tumbling on the edge of the wash wave so vary the rope length depending on your boat
  2. yep bit smoother with the carbontex. Cheap mod you can do yourself (got them for about $6 each reel - ebay) I know my PE4 was an import - not sure re the PE8 but quite possibly - did get them a couple of years ago and my reels are the original model not the latest version.
  3. Catalina models do a PE8 rod that matches well to the 6500 reel with 80lb braid I have the above and also a Catalina 4500 with PE4 rod spooled with 50lb braid. Love both outfits (upgraded both drags to carbontex).
  4. Going back to your original choice like you say probably a bit overkill for tuna but that's not saying it can't be used. Any extra lifting power is sometimes handy when a half decent one starts circling under the boat (though the boat should be driven off to change the angle to one better suited). That rod (PE5-6) is probably just a tad heavy for 50lb but still very workable (PE5 would be about spot on even thought it is slightly overrated for 50lb as for kingies I'd rather a bit extra than a bit less) As far as kingies go generally you should be looking at a setup to handle either 50 or 80lb line. That being said consider drag should be set 1/3 of the line (albeit you may need to clamp a hand on the spool at times but this can be instantly released if needed). 1/3 of 50lb is around 16lb and 1/3 of 80lb is 26lb. Get an 80lb set up and tie it to a set of scales hooked to the base of the clothes line and see what you can pull the scales to. - bet you'd be battling to pull anywhere near 26lb drag on the 80lb. what does that mean - 50lb should be adequate in most situations (unless your in real rough territory) and a decent wind on leader will protect you at the fish end.
  5. generally the breaking strength of line will be a bit higher than the PE rating PE rating refers to the diameter of the line not breaking strength. Better quality braids generally are thinner for any given breaking strength EG. PE2 = line diameter of .235mm YGK PE2 (diameter of .235) has a breaking strength of 30lb. PE4 is .330mm which is generally around 50lb (my PE4 catalina rod is fished with 50lb braid) The Japanese went to PE ratings so it is easy to grab any spool and know instantly how much line will fill if rather than having so much variance between brands of braid and diameters (i.e. spool will take 300m of PE2 or .235mm line) Ideally you could fish 100lb braid on any rod and if your drag is set correctly for the rod it should not break as the drag will give first (highsticking any rod is the normal cause of rod failure bar damage to blank or car doors - this is user error and will happen even with the correct breaking strain line)
  6. PE2-4 would be perfect for most Tuna given the clean fight (PE2-4 can be anything from 30 to 50/60lb depending on the braid). I generally use a PE3 rod/30lb braid or occasionally 40-50lb braid on a PE4 rod (PE4 Catalina rod with 4500 catalina reel). Just want a bit of lifting power for when they circle under the boat but can always drive the boat off them a bit to make them easier to get up. Get the other one for kingies.
  7. Nice post and fish, we got them to around the same 20-25kg mark at times but the batts in the scales were flat. Just started to think about the oncoming season and tuna steaks myself. The pics wet my appetite for more this season and just about to start making up a heap of wind on leaders again.. Cheers
  8. bungplug

    50lb Rod?

    +1 on the Catalina rods- I also have 2 (PE4 and PE8) use the PE4 for livebaiting, jigging, bottom bouncing and trolling for BFT - PE8 livebaiting and jigging (matched with a 4500 and 6500 Catalina respectively)
  9. Not looking good the longer this goes on - feel for the families.We launched from Cape Jervis on sundown Sunday night and overnighted in Rapid Bay. Had a call from water police just after 10pm asking if we had seen the boat. Police said they were apparently going tuna fishing. Spoke to police around 5 times throughout the night and was putting calls over the radios to see if we could contact them (Police weren't sure if they had a radio at that stage), up at 5am and straight out to the Pages on sunrise, did a few laps of the Islands and reef without seeing anything at all. Then went to Threshold and Saunders again nothing sighted in the area.
  10. Great footage, gotta love the gopro's.At the beginning you give the date as 14/4/14 though otherwise all good!!Cheers
  11. Red bait are one of the main sources of food for bluefin tuna. Our bluefin industry brings in a fair amount to this and other states. Taking out a fair whack of a species foodsource has to have a flow on effect. How will this effect the bluefin industry (and other species as well). Every where else these super trawlers have been has been decimated.Jobs - there are no jobs in this for Australia there is nothing else in it either. Supertrawler spells disatser in my mind. Our pollies have no idea of what they are doing on so many levels.
  12. Just weighed a couple of fillets and did the sums. 39 whiting (or 78 fillets) = 7kg. Doesn't exactly equate to 72 fish.
  13. Don't know if there's much crabbing going on at Backs Beach where the attack occurred. My first thoughts knowing the area was a bronzie (folowing the salmon schools. Heard reports the wound supported this though witnesses with the guy said it was a great white. Locals have called for a GW cull which is probably a bit over the top.PLenty in WA calling for culls of GWhites given their 5 recent fatal attacks
  14. I'll volunteer to tuck that tag into her yellow bikini :evil: When I get a chance will weigh a few fillets I have to get an idea re 7kg = ?fillets particularly with average of 40cm ones I catch.Personally I'm all for the poss limits but think they appear to be a little on the low side and would be happier with 100-120 KGW. Maybe needed to consider a slightly higher limit for fishing on Eyre pen. Razorfish limit is needed and around the mark for my money.I think all the talk about interstaters is a bit over the top, I know it does happen but not as much as its made out to be. SOME SA fishermen are just as bad. TAC on commercials needs to follow soon or all for no gain anyway....