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  1. I have an brand new snapper rod i'm was thinking of selling. Perfect for the boat. Ugly Stik Gold 4-8kg 6'6. $50. PM me if interested.
  2. If fishing with circles, set the main drag to fighting and forget the baitrunner drag. The fish will hook itself.
  3. I don't think they are actually better made as far as the USA LL's go. I think the Yanks just have an affinity with Penn as it was a US icon As i said the Chinese Slammer Live Liners you can buy for $80 do the same job imo.
  4. The new Spinfisher V's are not built in Tawain but China. I haven't used the new ones but have the older LL based on the Slammer and have a few of the USA built Penn Live Liners. Most notable difference with the USA LL is you have to manually engage the main drag (some may like that) but that's about it, The gears (cheap pot metal) and drag are the same. I know of two BNIB USA built LLs for sale here in Adelaide for about $250 in a tackle store that have been there for years. I think it just comes down to a USA V China thing. imo i'd rather buy a new Slammer LL for $80 than the USA model but each to their own.
  5. I have been caught out with this before 4thalove. Most times you just need to credit the artist and you should be right.
  6. That's very cheap. 10 cents/meter. What brand of braid was that?
  7. Use a berley/keeper bag or pot and tether it to your surf rod holder ora wooden stake, whatever, use your imagination.
  8. Low hour late model donk.http://www.boatpoint.com.au/boats-for-sale/boatdetails.aspx?R=13762151&Silo=Stock&Vertical=Boat&Ridx=152&eapi=2
  9. That boat that 4tha linked would realistically cost you 30k by the time you pay the gst, buyers premium etc.There was an exceptional buy on boatsales my BIL was eyeing off and now that he's decided to pull the trigger on it the boat is under offer. So sometimes if you see a good deal be ready to jump on it.Here's a great first boat to cut your teeth on. One owner, maintained and a reliable package worthy of consideration and you could certainly haggle further.http://www.boatpoint.com.au/boats-for-sale/boatdetails.aspx?R=12854412&Silo=Stock&Vertical=Boat&Ridx=38&eapi=2
  10. http://www.matworld.com.au/matting-products/pvc-strip-anti-fatigue-matting/vynagrip-welded-striphttp://www.matworld.com.au/matting-products/pvc-strip-anti-fatigue-matting/vynalite-tube-mat
  11. Maybe if they re visited some of the size limits :whistle:In the comparison rendering that person would be almost 9ft tall.
  12. You sure SA Angler has changed it's name? I thought i saw the new edition at the news agent.Since it's in the "Wild Coast" sub forum...edit- But of course, both are edited by Shanes.
  13. Cleaver

    t shirts

    Looks good! Can you design some for men?
  14. Rex made guys like Bushy and Starlo house hold names. He also probably accounted for a huge increase in sales of the trusty Shimano BTR
  15. I could watch Rex Hunt re runs all day long. I know he rubs some people up the wrong way but i love the big fella.