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  1. I did my first cook two days ago using mixture of gum, vine and apricot, used chicken and the result was amazing. Roast chook WOW!!!!! then what was left I made into a curry added heaps of flavor to the curry, Mrs wants more
  2. I got onto a website and they describe using all sorts of timbers, apple, cherry, apricot, peach, mallee you name it all can be used only keep away from treated wood or sprayed...will be interesting to see how it all pans outthanks again for the help
  3. thanks guys much appreciatedwill be giving it a go
  4. I would like to smoke some fish and poultry.Can I use gum branches (sawdust)???Has anybody tried this before?What can you recommend? other than buying sawdust off the shelfAny help will be greatly appreciatedThankyou
  5. As the title suggests what do you do with mackerel?Caught a Dozen or so at Norma'sbest bait or berley? What to do with it and how?thankyou
  6. Hey Crusher thanks heaps...may take drive out there and check it out
  7. Hiwould like to know a little about Parham, what's nearest boat ramp, heard beach launching only there?any info on fishing in this area would be great.Much appreciated
  8. thankyou all for your commentsfeels like I am part of the team
  9. Today I caught my first ever SNAPPER over 60cm actually measured in at 75cmI went and showed ugly thats how rapped I was, got him to take photos for me, it weighed in at 4.05 klgI know by any means it is not huge but to me it was :woohoo: Photos will follow at later dateIt has taken some time for me to catch a decent fish, persistance eventually paid offBack out again Sunday
  10. I met him at recent camping show he was charging $350.00 for his course that daycertainly has pics and makes some sense???????????? IS IT WORTH $500.00WHAT DO YOU THINK?
  11. Awesome stuff...great fish catch...would have loved to have been on this charter
  12. To the guys who helped me with my Questions thanks...great helpCarstens
  13. Hi..I been observing and reading this site for awhile now and I think its GREAT ...your a great bunch who love what you do...I enjoy fishing immensely. I am a novice to ocean fishing, bought Brooker 4.5, 30 HP Mariner to push it along and the fun I have had and the fish I have caught...WOW..should have started years ago.I need help with the following and hope someone will be able to answer my ?I want to target Sharks come warmer weather..but don't know correct way to kill and prepare fish so as ammonium won't spread thru' the fish and spoil for eating. Any help would be great.Any tips on how to prepare fillets for eating?I hope my lines are tight this Summer and yours too.