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  1. Nice feedback guys, good variation as well. Keep them coming!!
  2. Okay. Here is the scenario, if you could only go fishing 12 times throughout the year (1 trip each month), all land based, where would you go? What would you target. Then maybe chuck in a random destination for a long weekend. Im not looking for dreams, im after realistic destinations, bread and butter species.. My thoughts are below, January - Innes National Park (Various beach and rock species) February - Cobdogla (Carp) March - Port Giles (Garfish and Mackerel) April - Black Point (Yellowfin Whiting) May - Beachport (Salmon) June - Marion Bay (Salmon) July - Port Vincent (Bream, Mullet and Tommies) August - Troubridge Point, Beach or Clifts (Rock species and Tommies) September - Butlers Beach (Salmon) October - Barmera (Carp) November - Blanchetown (Callop) December - Port Hughes (Garfish and Tommies) My random destination is Lake Entrance in Victoria. Either June or October long weekend. Thanks in advance all.
  3. Hi All, can people shed any light on fishing in and around NZ. Mainly Queenstown. in June. Thanks in advance.
  4. So I use a few different braids.Suffix (not sure what type, was cheap) 6lb on a Saros 1000, I have had lots of air knots and at times it seems to twist and wrap around the end guide. About to replace due to air knots taking line every time I use it. Same category as the cheap fireline. 18 months old.Power Pro 4lb on a Saros 1000 - love it, long time. no issues yet. 12 months old.Power Pro 10lb on a stradic 2500 - Worked really well as a combo. sensitive, strong and easy to cast very light tackle. 3 years old. Power Pro 20lb on a stradic 4000 - No issues with the knots. 1 big mystery knot appeared and I did lose about 50m of line. more my fault then the line itself. 12 months old.Power Pro 30lb on a stradic 5000 - Never had an air knots or wrapping on guides. knots hold well. 2 years old.Power Pro 30lb on Calcutta 400 - Never had an issue with it. Casts well. 5 years old.Power Pro 50lb on a baitrunner 6500B - love it. No issues. 5+ years old.Tuff XP 50lb on a Okuma Vsystem 80 (sold about 12 months ago) - Great casting line. Would use it again, no mystery knots appeared. would be about 8 years old.Platypus (bulk from the tackle store) 30lb on a baitrunner 4500B - Never had an issue with it. would be 5 years old minimum. Fireline 30lb on a Diawa CY4000 - don't like the reel or the braid. Is a spare reel for friends for casting metals. hardly used but about 7 years old.if nots are slipping trying different ones, the FG/FJ knot is what lots of my friends are tying and I am starting to use. I haven't used the 8 strand braids, yet.
  5. x 2 for the above - This is pretty much the same as what I was going to suggest. Catana Combo and Sonic Pro Combo. I get 1 of each, you don't need to have the same gear especially if you don't have much equipment to start of with - just a thought. I think at BCF you might get a discount for signing up as a member - which is free. I am not 100% sure as I don't shop there. Most small stores will have these combos and price match.
  6. No worries. All the B indicates is that it is balanced, the A series wasn't. This meant the handle spun until it found its lowest point... not ideal for a baitrunner system that engages when the handle spins.
  7. The polluted water is a valid point. We did "try them" when we caught them, they were soapy in flavour.I forgot about the Valley lake.
  8. http://www.strikehook.com/forum/45-south-east/254078-little-blue-lake-and-black-fellows-cavesmy report form Easter..
  9. I spend a little time down that way from time to time seeing the relatives.The little blue lake has reddies, lots of small ones as well.Nelson River is nice but can get populated by danglers over the Xmas break.Piccinini Ponds is a camp site plus freshwater sink hole, the beach outlet often has mullet and salmon trout. I have seen solid Mulloway, schoolies and gummies caught here.The Break wall at Pt Macdonnell is a little difficult to fish but I have caught KG Whiting, Gar and the usual rock species. The jetty will hold KG Whiting as well, as well at times lots of mackerel and tommies.Blackfellow caves is a great spot for Bream, Mullet, Whiting.Carpenters Rocks (lighthouse beach side) will hold salmon, mullet and ST's. then on the shallow beach Gar can be found.That's all I can think off from the top of my head. Check out Craig's reports (from Spot On Mt Gambier) - http://www.spotonfishing.com.au/craigs-fishing-report-mount-gambier.html
  10. Silver fish are a preferred bait by some of the people in the club for gardies. now these are small fish, there is no known reason why they wouldn't be interested in a SP. Selecting the SP for the job might be difficult, and determining if it is an effective means of catching them... well... I'll let you all make your own call on that.
  11. Cheers Wahoo, Its been a while since I have been on as well as I've been ill. I also forgot I asked a question. It is interesting, the shark behaviour that is.