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  1. No lofty. I'll give you a clue if nobody gets it in about an hour
  2. On a motorbike forum I belong to there is a 'Where is this?" topic. Inmates post up pics of places they've been for other people to guess. I searched and couldn't find one here, but I could be wrong. Have a crack at this?
  3. So I would want ideally 4 really good combos for myself so I don't have to re-rig rods and reels. A SP small lure throwing rig, a boat KGW rig, a tommy/gar float rig and a shore KGW/ST/Flathead rig that would double up on the jetties throwing jags for squid. And then 2 other combos for visitors that don't know what they are doing and they can drop overboard and I won't cry (my Stradic went overboard once and my wife went in on snorkel to get it just off Normaville - her friends her swim LOL). I'm happy to ditch rods and replace them with better/more suited. As I'll be doing A LOT of fishin
  4. Actually, I quite like it. Good tommy reel for the jetty. I don't take it out in the boat though after my last Okuma Epix seized up solid.
  5. Rods to suit are: Live fibre soft plastic 3-5 kg 7 ft (chucking SPs) Silstar power tip yak tid 3-5 kg 5 ft (boat rod for KGW, jetty rod for tommies on float) Silstar crystal power tip 4-7 kg 6 ft (jetty rod for tommie/gar on float) Live fibre trophy (RLF 33/2) 4-6 kg 9 ft (beach for KGW, mullet, ST's, flathhead, throwing lures) Pflueger Trion 3-6 kg 7 foot (boat rod for KGW, throw squid jigs of jetties) and Shimano Jungle stix 1-3 kg 6'6 ff (chucking SPs) So that is six rods for 3 reels. I really don't know what I'm doing sometimes. I use the Okuma mainly on the 6 f
  6. So we have a cyclone going past here at the moment so it is stuck inside day. I'm here alone whilst the wife renovates our new place on Eyre Peninsula whilst I finish up work in Darwin and move down there in April for a year or two of 'retirement'. To avoid the bottle of whiskey and red wines daring me to drink them I though I would ask you chaps your opinion on some good combos for bread and butter stuff from jetties, beach and boat. I have only got into really enjoying the smaller stuff since I moved back from Vic to Adelaide in 2010. Previous to that all my fishing, including KGW, was ABU 7
  7. Just saw this. I freeze them raw/green after cleaning for curries etc later. No worries at all. Do it with mud crabs as well.
  8. That is my experience as well. Barra are a lot like a decent sized mulloway in SA. You can do everything right but still not catch one. I've caught heaps of Barra, but not one legal one yet after 2 years up here. I call barra 'unicorns'.
  9. Don't worry too much. Fishing is crap there And nothing to see when you go snorkeling I don't know why we go. I reckon we enjoy the drive more.
  10. Ningaloo station. Will you be in the area (its a big area) Nah, Knackers - I should be so lucky! I was up that way briefly in June this year (not fishing, unfortunately) and it looked like some prime fishing real estate, from what I could see. Be sure to post up some snaps and a report when you get back. Cheers af I've got one of those 4G wireless devices that I can plug an external 6 dB antenna into. Can normally get 3G coverage from Coral Bay about 60 kms away standing on the dune behind camp. My wife and I sit on this with a red/rum/beer/champers every night to watch the suns
  11. Ningaloo station. Will you be in the area (its a big area)
  12. All done now. Should be good for a temp fix. I used 25mm bolts instead of the 40mm that were used to hold the centre console down. Didn't ring the dealer, did email last night though. More calm now I'll have a chat to them tomorrow. I'll be camping on a beach along the Ningaloo Reef for the next six weeks from Mon or Tues night. These things are sent to test us. I'll do a trip report seeing as I'm keen to do more of a blog.
  13. I have some aluminium based Devcon somewhere.
  14. I'll see if I get any more replies but this is what I'll do tomorrow after talking to the dealer. I'll try to get them to commit to paying for a permanent repair or new tank. I forgot I have a few of these kits because some idiot over-torqued the sump drain plug on my KTM and removed the threads. Because the hole is very circular it fits an M10 recoil tap like it was drilled for it. I'll get a short M10 bolt and some JB Weld and glue a bolt with a fairly large SS washer onto it after cleaning with a heap of acetone and roughing the top surface up. Should be a fairly robust temporary fix.
  15. So if I drain the fuel and fill it with water, obviously in front of the person doing the welding, it can be done without creating mushroom clouds?
  16. I'd really appreciate it but am in Darwin!
  17. I'm fuming and need some help. Got a fuel tank leak on my last trip trip to Arnhem Land. Thought it was one of the hoses come loose. Tried to get the cover off but the dealers had been lazy and used a combination of hex heads (which I had) but also those square head bolts, which I didin't have a tool to remove. Anyway, when the dealer who shall remain nameless at this stage, put the fuel tank under the floor and fitted the centre console they used bolts that were too long. It has taken almost 2 years but one at the front has managed to go straight through causing the leak and the other
  18. Mine is this salt and pepper squid recipe I saw when watching my favourite girl Mauve. http://www.sbs.com.au/food/recipes/salt-and-pepper-squid I always leave the skin on as well. Goes crunchy.
  19. Here it is finished. I've been snacking, there is less now . Definitely more baked than smoked close to the bone. I'll be filleting off the bone next time.
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