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  1. I got a charter (scoopon) voucher for Just Cruising for Xmas, and managed to get out a couple of weeks ago. Overall, the charter wasn't bad. He definately put us onto a few spots that held fish - there were enough KGW and rugger snapper (all u/s) coming over the side to keep everyone on board interested. He didn't do an awful lot for those fishing, and the terminal tackle was as cheap as it comes. Rod and reels OK. I'm pretty fussy about paying for fishing charters and was pretty sceptical about this one. However, its a really good boat, you don't travel far, and he does put you onto the drops. If I was going with him again I'd take my own gear, including hooks. Overall I think this charter is more designed for people that have not done a lot of fishing - but it wasn't bad either. In fact I really enjoyed the 4 hours that I was out.
  2. Re compressor: From what I gather the preference for compressors are those that connect to the battery rather than cig lighter plug - something to do with a drop in power. I bought an 'outback devil' compressor from supercheap, and its done well for me at Salt Creek and Fowlers, including dog fence. I didn't time how long it took to pump the tyres, but it was pretty efficient, to the point where I had to deflate tyres because I'd put too much air into them. A 4wd came off the beach the same time as me at Salt creek - I did all 4 tyres including deflating a couple before he had done 2 with his combination unit. Also - on the FWC I reckon mine was as efficient as my mates that had his ARB fixed under the bonnet. I'd hazard a guess of well under 5 minutes per 4wd tyre - enough for a chat and a beer! Mind you, my compressor developed a cough towards the end of the FWC trip - I took it back to supercheap and got it exchanged, no problems.So from all that, I reckon a purpose 4wd compressor would be the way to go. I like the battery pack idea and was going to go down that track myself, but decided that I needed a second battery for running the fridge etc.. probably not a bad idea as a back up compressor.....
  3. I'm yet to be convinced - my first 3 KGW using circles had swallowed the whole lot. Long shanks would have been an easier recovery of the hook, but the circles required some serious surgery.....
  4. can one of the mods change 'acquatic' to 'aquatic' in the title - every time I flick through the forum I see this and it drives me crazy :P
  5. This is my biggest kayak caught snapper - 68cm. Great fun on light line in shallow water - KI Feb 2011
  6. not sure of the weight, but it was great fun in the kayak! http://www.fishyorkepeninsula.com/images/attachments/l4uTILsp__hofdrummer.jpg[/img]
  7. this one went about 38 cm I think. Biggest is 40cm from West Lakes http://www.fishyorkepeninsula.com/images/attachments/Yi0WabFF__bronzebream0001.jpg[/img]
  8. 92cm - weight = not sure! http://www.fishyorkepeninsula.com/images/attachments/dBQYiRx1__92cmsnookamended0001.jpg[/img]