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  1. http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/national/spencer-gulf-snapper-in-decline/story-fndo1gb8-1226534888731Are those fish even snapper? They look different.
  2. I'm now the proud owner of this little beauty and hope to give it a crack on the snaps the last weekend of Oct if the weather is decent.Dave from tackleworld Salisbury was a great help fitting it out with 20lb braid and getting me a new rod being Shimano Nexave 6-10kg 762 to match it.The combo feels great and catch wait to use it!Plan to use this rod for SPs while my baitrunner sits in the rod holder waiting to do its thing.I oringally planned to get the 2500 size and 8-10lb but don't have the experience to go that light at this stage and like Dave said you dont want to hook the fish of ur dreams only to lose it using light gear your not ready for.Wish me luck ! I will definitly be putting a report up if the fishgods are with me next weekend.
  3. Cut off the head ASAP as in when its in the boat off with its head. Cut just behind the spike down to the fins then rip it off and u get all the guts.I found if u don't do this it spoils the meat. Give it a quick rinse the ocean and straight into the ice slurry and skin them after.
  4. Good Morning Fishing Guru'sHope everyone had a good weekend and that some people manage to wet a line! Coming into september now and I'm looking to get into some serious snapper fishing and I was wondering what people think of this reel.I will be fishing from a boat off the yorkes and hitting up some local reefs n structures given to be by my uncle. He fishes with a handline so no good asking him about reels.BCF currently have a special on for the Shimano Baitrunner 4500B with a Bluewater solid tip rod for $179.Is this a good price??? I have never really spent much money on rods n reels but I'm looking to invest a bit of $$$ to last me for a while. Look forward to your replies(Sorry I'm sure this topic has be done to death)
  5. Cheers for the information mate much aprechiated.When you mean fish in shallows how deep we talking 8-12m?? In regards to bait I can catch plentful silver whiting, mullet and tommies so it shouldn't be a problem. Not a big fan of buying bait I'd rather catch it myself so I know its fresh. So over the new few weeks i'll stock up on some bait.I fish in the spencer gulf just south of port vic. So hopefully a berley bot isn't needed.Thanks again.
  6. Good Morning Fishing Guru's, As there's only a month of winter left and I've just been handed the boat from the old man (wooohooo) I'm thinking about chasing some snapper off the yorkes. I'm after a few tips on chasing these big red's as even though I've fished for 10+ yrs on the yorkes ( as a boy )our family (my dad) hates snapper and refused to fish for them, Thus I've never targerted them. So I'm after best baitsbest depthbest timebest rig ( bottom boucing / floaters etc ) Look forward to your replies