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  1. Well done. bet your Stoked!
  2. Well done Alex, Great video and nice fish.
  3. Just wondering, i guess your allowed to fish inside the marina? and where?. Obviously you would need to look out for boats.
  4. Well done lads, caught a few STs there yesterday on a very cheap HB lure. Shame about the snapper
  5. Strolling through the central market at lunch today after A KAksa from Richard at the Laksa House.King George Whiting pushing $70kg. $69.90! unbelievableHave 5 meals left in the freezer so i guess its time to replenish my stocks.
  6. Damo67


    Thanks Des, another gem of a post.
  7. Thanks guys. probably the marina then.
  8. maybe should have come up with a different title?100 views and no one knows?
  9. Gday all, reading the Sunday Mail fishing report it refers to the North Haven Basin. Where exactly is he referring to? The Marina? The area between the breakwalls? the entrance to the Marina?Thanks Damo
  10. snapped off about 1.5cm from a jewel, got it fixed at my local gave it to the missus and bought another one. no complaints from her.
  11. Well done Des and thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  12. forgot to add to my metro report the first fish caught. Have no idea what it is.
  13. Has it been released yet? went to Brighton tackle on saturday but not in yet
  14. Have been using the first without the snap lock. I guess just a barrel swivel tying my braid to leader. then just a rapala knot for my lures. I have only started using lures as have been a bait fisho only for 40yrs. So im curious. Does this mean that people are using snap locks to attach lures to leaders?