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  1. I made sausage rolls over Christmas for the first time and turned out look weird. Might try your recipe.
  2. Hi Langley, i normally use standard paternoster rig and cockle for bait. Caught a few tommies yesterday.
  3. I might go there this evening chasing tommies and mullet.
  4. That video not mind. I find it interesting so i thought i share it here. I learn't something from this video. Normally when i fish for squid, most of the time i just reel my jag to let it it swim. Sometime i can feel like "tap...tap.." but never thought the squid actually attacking the jag until i saw this video.
  5. What happen underwater when you drifting? This is the answer.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OukwY46po3s
  6. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=210832079100060&set=vb.205605402956061&type=2&theaterStill wonder why this happen.
  7. Went down to Noarlunga last friday fishing from the jetty but not a single bite. Tried my luck at the river and caught 4 bream in one hour. 2 undersize and the biggest 36cm. Lost another 3 or 4 because i was using small hook.
  8. @Kayak Noob - That St's size range from 25 -28cm.@Bent87 - That the first one for this year. Was there last weekend and only caught 8.
  9. Did you use lures? Were there many people out?I was using bait (pilchard) with running singker rig. Go there as early as you can and straight down to the end. Many people there during the weekend.
  10. Bag out at St Kilda this morning. The fish starting to bite really well.
  11. I took this photo from the South Port cam. Not very good quality but just want to share the view. I never see the water that rough before. Anyone ever fishing in that condition? What can we expect...or better stay away?
  12. Fishing the St kilda channel this morning for about two hours. Plenty of bream but most of it undersize. Trumpeter almost every cast. Caught a few Tommy. What funny this morning was i thought i caught the boat that went pass but actually something big pulling my line. Went i almost saw the fish it spit the hook . But it was fun :cheer: .
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