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  1. Mulloway, strongies and 40cm+ salmon, I or people I know have found crabs in the guts of these fish.
  2. Many recent reports have been gar from O/H breakwall. Can't imagine a fish to get a better or more consistent feed of than gar, replaced with ST's in the winter.
  3. Did the strongie go hard? Not many are caught on lines and i have always wanted to get 1.
  4. You will get that 40+ bream Alex, just got to find him and fool him.On another note, how do you get ur baits past all the tiny bream? Gave it a go the other day and only got it to a decent fish 3 times, the rest picked off.
  5. Lucky bugger, 2/0 should be fine mate, I use 2/0 heads on redfin at times and if anything it gives a better hook up rate
  6. Bugger, they sound like great rods but when I fish for toothys or around hard reef/Pylons I like to be able to go to a nice long heavy leader, even if the fish are just 2-3kg trevs.I wouldn't hesitate to get a gen black in any of the lighter few models but the Micro guides have put me off, would make wicked bream, trout and ST sticks though.
  7. I have a Dawia Pro cast Im 6 rod and she is sweet, probably too short for breaming though. Plefuger Trions, Berkely Dropshots and Raiders are meant to be the best value for money rods out their. How do people find the gen blacks with micro guides? I was looking at getting the pinstir but I would want to be able to run 20lb and maybe even 30lb traces through it sometimes.
  8. Braid if you can afford it is better, although wind knots can be a pain. I have mono on most of my reels, for $12 a spool of Platinum it's a lot more affordable than Braid. Braid is best for deep water, light lures or fish that might spool you. Almost every fishing situation has one of those so I could afford it I would run braid on almost everything.
  9. I had been away for the last 2 weeks and couldn't find anything online but now that i have found the box at home it says6lb = .258= .2810=.3012=.32I have alot of lines that fit different categories to that. Judging by the capacity i should fit a ship load of braid on their.
  10. When reels say they will hold 180m 8lb, 160 10lb and 135 12lb what does it mean? I have always assumed these were mono ratings, but lines are very variable. I have .33 8 pound lines and .25 10 pound lines with another spool of 10 at .32mm. Spooling up my Dawia Aird 2500/3000 with 10lb Bite Motion and some 15lb-20lb Tuffline or Super Pe and have no idea what they will hold or how much backing to put on the reel.If any body can help clear up the "standard" lb-Diameter ratio that dawia uses or how much of either line I could fit on each spool it would be appreciated. Thanks, Fished Out.
  11. When we went out we caught all our tuna on 2m+ Halco Laser pros 190's in the King brown colour. On snook I generally use a Yozuri L minnow, these catch a lot but are restricted in their speed range for trolling.
  12. I really thought more people were into the heavy fishing than this. Do u find the 80lb to just drag the in or does it purely stop them running yakmando?
  13. Well, Summer is here and so are the Big Fish we all dream about. Manly I am talking Tuna, Kings, Samsons, Rays and Sharks. I thought I would create a thread to see what everybody uses for these beasts with fins, but mainly the Tuna, Kings and Sambos. Rod, Reel, Line etc would be great, even down to rigs. After getting my first few tuna ever the other day I am pretty pumped and into the heavy stuff.So yeah, tell us about your serious stuff and start thinking about those arm burning summer thugs we love to chase! I am also looking for a Heavier combo for Kings, Tuna etc On a Budget. Looking at Okuma Salina 16000, and an after market terez I was shown a couple months back.
  14. How about a 3-4 piece, Fibreglass or graphite (I like Fibreglass), 3.6m surf rod witch casts sinkers from 2-8 ounces plus big baits at a decent price. It would have to feel solid enough to give you confidence in belting out a cast, with a slightly softer tip than most surf rods to detect soapie/St bites.If you have something like that already in shop, let me know
  15. Wicked Combo, The Dawia Aird Is a wicked reel, I got one at Christmas. I also have a Dawia Procaster 1-3kg, it was 6ft but now is about 5' 7" as I had a snapped tip. This works really well and your combo would be more than sufficient, casting in some places may be a little tricky though. If in tight creeks and rivers I find a stiff tip is better for faster line recovery and keeping the fished head turned.