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  1. Cheers Booma I heard they get them in WA by berlying hard with bread.white Sabaki rig and load up every cast. When I get to Bremer Bay one day I am sure they might know a thing or two as well
  2. I was joking mate! And only if you get caught
  3. cheers guys for the info. I guess I better get a cast net. I know they collect pilchards just off Lincoln so I thought we might be lucky enough to get them in our gulf.
  4. Does anyone catch there own pillies? I do a lot of my own bait collecting cause it's fun and cheaper. But I always find my self picking up a bag of pillies from a servo. So does anyone one know any techniques time of year and where to go?
  5. SHEEP


    Hey mate fished the Normy beach today for three flathead flicking SP towards the weed line seem to get more hits in the broken bottom. Nothing big all around 30-35 cm on a red head plastic
  6. Hi there everybody buying sinkers has started to become expensive for me snapper fishing. just wondering has anyone done it before I understand you need the moulds, lead. but any tips on melting it down setting up the moulds any thing you know that I need to know would be great. cheers sheep
  7. Sounds alright stormy have you tried it out. I reckon though weed plays a big factor with us down here.it may prevent baits reaching the sinker. but if I get a good day I will be sure to try it with a livey. you could really get a bait out a long way if it works. what do you reckon we could use instead of those clips
  8. Thanks guys some good info.one of my favourites fresh ST with the back cut out baits I will be sure to try that out next week. heading over to Elliston on sunday for a few days want to try some live baiting
  9. Hey guys just want some ideas on using live baits in the surf.i usually tryLeader comes down to a three way swivel50cm leader from the swivel upto the one hook 60cm leader from swivel down to a sinker depending on swell and tide usually a star sinker.And hook the livey around the anal fin.Am I on the right track any thoughts or better rigs any help much appreciated
  10. cheers dutchy it wouldnt bother me losing to a 100kg fish if i had a decent go. all i am really worried about is the guts of the reel bearings, washers and gears lifting power i can change things around to fix but the reel is what i am looking for maybe i should just bite the bullet and spend the money and get a saltiga,stella in a 5000 range
  11. Hey guys and gals i have done plenty of tuna fishing. but next BFT season down Pt MacDonnel i want to try fishing light as possible. i want to be using spin outfits flicking poppers, stick baits,and metals at busting fish. has any one done any of this what sort of outfit did you use or recommend. i am trying to keep it half cheap. i have been checking out saltist stt 4500H, or saragosa 5000 any thoughts on those reels or maybe something better. cheers to any answers :f
  12. where did you buy the reel from heading to yorkes in march maybe spinning for tuna looking for a reel i would have a crack with one
  13. me and some mates are thinking heading up there in march whats the fishing like up there then
  14. not bad thinking of getting something like that for the man cavenice find!
  15. when i was cray fishing down pt macdonnel best thing that always seemed to come up in pots was a gernard been done by two of them now agony for about 15 minutes then you still cant use that hand for a further hour.Prawn fishing in exmouth we use to get all sorts but one night i got done by a green cobler bugger went straight under the thumb nail. all i remember was shaking at the sorting table and lights out woke up sitting up everyone laughing a@#$holes.best one i have seen is another deckhand tried to pick up an electric ray in WA came up in the pot. he went in twice couldnt work it out. me and the skipper knew what it was straight away funniest thing ever still pulling the piss out of him for that