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  1. Hi mate, not too sure but heading to Edithburgh with the missus which isn't to far away so there better be something in the general area. Good luck mate.
  2. Hi guys,Not sure if anyone knows the answer or wondering the same themselves but how come tide here is always above 0m. I understand that a 2.3m high is 2m above a 0.3m low, but what is the 0.3m above? Is it the tide level at the equator, or is it something completely different?Also why can a tide here have say a 1m variation, but up Broome way there is a 10m variation (rough figures)? Last but not least what causes a dodge tide. My guess is the position of the moon and its pull but why can it stay near one level for say 12 hours when a tide normally changed roughly every 6?Thanks heaps in adv
  3. Just curious what sort of scent. I've heard of tuna oil or the ink from previous squid. Any good? One of my mates had this prawn scented spray I think it was but have never seen it for sale, is that even around?Cheers
  4. Cheers guys much appreciated! Good luck everyone!
  5. It was open a few weeks ago when I was up there mate. Hopefully there's some locals on here that can let you know.
  6. Thanks heaps for your input guys. By the looks of this it mostly relates to salt water fishing, I'm guessing the same rules don't apply to freshwater. Must be a pretty dedicated shark to swim up to Mannum for a bit of meat Like I said thanks for your help on this topic. Your information is priceless!CheersShane
  7. Hi GuysSilly question but just curious as the whether you're allowed to use red meat or even chicken as bait. I've heard of people doing it but not sure of the legality. If so is it any good?Cheers Guys, Take careShane
  8. Cheers bent87, one of many caught one night at Wallaroo a few months ago. Didn't get anything else though
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