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  1. Projoecan I fix reels where the anti-reverse mechanism is stuffed?cheersbudman
  2. try adding a tablespoon full of chilli flakes as well, works a treat
  3. AshIs that Rehnny in the other boat watching you?Bud
  4. I bought a 60lt one of these last year for $99. Its a very solid well made esky and does a good jobThey rave about the techni ice ice packs but I haven't found them what they're cracked up to beBud
  5. I have used aniseed oil a couple of times in burley and it worked well on kgs for me.The supermarkets dont stock it because of the alcohol content but I found some in a health food shop (certainly didnt go there for the food :icon_lol:) It is bloody dear tho, cost me about $22 for a small medicine bottle!!Rocket 102 "aniseed pellets" ? Where do i get them? How much?
  6. budman2

    Squid Witch

    Thanks Aaron, thats greatSaw the quick video on the site and they look goodFor my info, how do I search threads for various topics?
  7. Being new to the site, I haven't worked out how to search threads for particular subjects as yet so this has porbably been covered beforeBut how have people found the new squid witch and what sort of money are they?