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  1. Yeah mate I thought got a ray at first
  2. Thanks guys and yeah had no intention of eating any of them as I guessed they would taste like crap. :vomit:
  3. HI Crew,Please help ID the fish in the pictures both were caught on the bottom end of Yorks off a beach just using cockles. The first I think is some type of Morwong the second I dont know but they have nice set of choppers on them.The Morwong if that's what it is first busted my mates line (crap knots haha) then 5 minutes later took my bait and spooled me to the limit then I slowly got him back in after a few runs (8LB line) and still had my mates rig in its mouth.After couple of photos was releasedCheers Andrew
  4. I had a go today got 6 YFW and 1 Tommy not much bigger than my lure!
  5. No one has mentioned Chilly Chest Icebox's????Look pretty simular to Techni Ice??????http://www.bigterrain.com.au/index.php/ice-boxes/c_2.html
  6. I totally agree with Knackers comment above ^But I still get around 70% of my gear from Ray and Anne's and some from Tackle World Port Rd only due to being close and rest online etc..
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