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  1. I generally just cook them up "as is". Normally the heat will sort out most of the suckers and I really love the texture of the tentacles when cooked properly
  2. Following. Let us know how you go Mate... Very interesting concept
  3. Yeah, I'm also thinking that it sounds a lot like a ray
  4. Cheers mate.

    Don't go to too much trouble on it, but here's the photos.




  5. They look absolutely killa Banga! Side note: where would a fellow small business owner find this waterslide paper? I'm thinking your signatures are friggen mint too
  6. Well done Mate ... I reckon I might stick to buying them also however
  7. The fertiliser might actually help to create a new breed of super maggot
  8. I tried breeding them once and am now officially banned from attempting to do so again at Guru HQ, upon the threat of immediate divorce. My wife is actually a decent looking bird and looks after me pretty well . . . so I reckon I'll leave it to you guys moving forward
  9. I thought I was going crazy as I searched every single topic in the forum back to 2016 At least I now know that is not the case, congrats Sykes
  10. Yep, I would probably go the snapper lead also lol. Still... A really cool idea. You've inspired me to have a play and maybe a couple of tweaks here and there
  11. 10 you say? I've got 7 so far... Gonna be here all night at this rate
  12. I did dabble in making a few prototypes over the years. Sorry Mate, we didn't end up running with them though due to lack of interest in the pre-development research side. Might revisit the idea one day though . . . sounds like Steve and Bobby at LGF have you covered though for the meantime
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