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  1. What would you chaps recommend for Yellowfin Whiting? I want to try the San Juan worm this year. Any other flies I should be using?
  2. What a Kracka!! Well done!
  3. Went down to the mouth on last Sunday and lots of small ST's was all.
  4. Fishnuts...why flurocarbon?Strength or vis?
  5. I thought I had all of them but I didn't have the Edithburgh one. Well Done.Here's another one i use to see if the weathers okhttp://www.swellnet.com.au/surfcams/southportand another... http://www.coastalwatch.com/camera/cameras_large.aspx?cam=6800&state=SA&t=2:58:26 PM&camName=SeafordHere's some of mine you might like to put in the Freshwater section.http://goolwawharf.alexandrina.com.au/cgi-bin/guestimage.htmlhttp://www.riverlandviews.com/rivviews/Waikerie_Cam.htmlDon't know about this one but... http://www.bay.tv/waitpinga-webcam,1024Anyone got anymore??
  6. Looks very trouty those rivers. Where were you? It looks great.
  7. Very nice fly there.Were the ST's caught from the shore? and if so, do you use a sinking line?
  8. Very well done. Where were you? Victor?
  9. Well done Trouthunter, feels great don't it?I did the same thing (read my thread about 8 down from this one (St. Kilda)).I feel your enthusiasm. I started by joining SAFWAA and went to a 'come try fly fishing' day and now a year on and I've got 3 rods (4,6 and 8wt) and there are dams just around the corner from you literally.As it has been said, you don't have to go to the meeting but you would be missing out on cheap gear and free advice on your passion or just read the threads on the SAFWAA site (They're more forthcoming with locations and advice on technique etc 'cause you're one of the brotherhood of SAFWAA )Spend the money, join the club and I'll see you on a SAFWAA dam sometime
  10. Excellent Photos Tony. Thanks for that information Rollcast, I have actually had that (Induced Take) happen to me when I'm slowly lifting the rod for another hem hem Rollcast :whistle: and bingo. Now I know it has a name
  11. Nah ha ha...you're not getting my fishing spots that easily Tony...
  12. Went for a fish down the Onkaparinga and saw somw rippling water, thought it was a River rat but this came up and sat next to me.Never seen one in the river before. Take a look and let me know if it's a local or what.Sorry for the footage but it was the best I could do at the time.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR3Ky8LNvI4&edit=ev&feature=uenh
  13. Busterboy

    St. Kilda

    Certainly was scotty.Tried a silver lure on the normal rod but there was weed everywhere and the wind dropped out so I had a go at the fly rod (casting as far as I was, if not further, with the spinner rod)and the second cast Bang!Did a couple of tail walks for me too:)Not had a fish pull line out of my hand before. Was quite exhilarating I must say.
  14. Busterboy

    St. Kilda

    Went down to St. Kilda to try the 8w rod and did very well
  15. Where were they (Reddies) caught?Lake Alexandrina?
  16. Thanks Featherweight. Great sight. Cheers.
  17. Know what you mean. That's why I'm going back.
  18. Cheers for that Softy, locked in.I've fished the Rubicon with some success and Jamieson creek but the pondage was my fave.I just want to try my new fly fishing ability:S where there are big trout.Can't seem to find any around the Hills.:whistle:
  19. Off to Goulburn river Easter time (Eildon pondage, Rubicon, Acheron etc) and was wondering if anyone could recomend suitable wet and dry flies?What entomological species are hatching this time of year or is there some place on the net I could visit?
  20. Thanks for the info chaps.i had a go just in front of the walk bridge but no good.Even so I'm going to go back and try again as it was good fun and I had some fish following (ST's?) so I'll try and outwit them. Man v's Fish kind a thing.
  21. Busterboy

    YFW on fly?

    G'day Fellow fishers, I'm reasonably new to fly fishing and I tend to pick up the fly rod first whenever I'm out these days.B)I've been sucessful in catching several Browns in the river tribs and Rainbows in private dams but am limited in where to fish in the Hills which are legal.Any help here would be appreciated. Also just enquiring if there's anyone out there catching Yellow Fin Whiting on flies and what type/colour and where?I was thinking of the mouth of the Onk would be good for starters.I have a 4w and 6w weight fwd, was going to try the 6w first, just in case something bigger has a go, (Forever hopeful) :)Again any help would be appreciated.
  22. I totally agree with MarsOne. I went to the Fly fishing day, tried it for the first time, liked it, and now I have 2 rods, a 4W & a 6W I've caught trout in dams and on the river and at the moment it's the only fishing I do. :)Try this site for a good view of many questions you may have.http://www.sexyloops.com/beginners/index.shtml
  23. Went to get some gear at the tackle shop on 80 grange rd next to Divers services and saw a fly jacket for sale. Arthur said he got it in for a customer but he couldn't pick it up. It's got a pricetag of $116 but he said he would go down to $90.I would have taken it (Shakespear) but it was too small for me (Size M).So I thought I'd help old Arthur out by putting it on this site to see if anyones interested.