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  1. I agree water boy, to many people don't know how to handle their boats and when they do use them its usually on a long weekend and busy at the ramp, some have no idea on how to handle their boat. Some of the things Ive seen done in just the last 6 months alone you wouldn't believe. So yes it should be that a compulsory boating course be done with either the purchase of a boat or when a licence is issued.
  2. They allready charge you every time you launch your boat, its called ramp fee's. Next up I reckon they will put a tax on each fish you catch or something silly like that, soon I can see a fishing licence will be required. Its just another blatant crab for cash.
  3. Lol, i didnt intentionaly catch her with the hook and didnt try to reel the dog in, it was just an accidental hook up. I wasnt holding the rod when she dragged it round the back yard, and removed the hook as soon as possable.
  4. Good question, not sure if they feel pain, they sure pull hard when hooked but then so did the dog the other day when she helped herself to some bait left on a hook, a large snapper hook went through her jowl and she pulled hard and dragged the rod round the back yard, i now the dog felt pain but it dint stop her from pulling. So not sure if the fish feel the hook but if other animals that you can tell feel pain still pull maybe fish feel the hook as well.
  5. Would be a bit of a problem standing on a Yak...lolI sit when driving, stand when fishing except if they are not biting then i sit, Stand when pissin over the side or the boat gets covered. Sit when eating lunch and stand while pulling up the crab nets.
  6. yep wings will work just as well, I use them all the time for this one but as Ranger said cut the thin cartledge off 1st.
  7. OUCH !!!, that would make a good advert for wearing glasses while fishing.
  8. if ya gt one of them old hand mincers they work just as well.
  9. get a blender you wont regret it !! they are worth the effort.
  10. Just tried this recipe tonight, and its simple but tasty. Ranger i didnt try the shirt tho, the misses would of thought i was gay if i put a shirt like that on.
  11. one will do at a push, but you wont make enough cause they go quick.
  12. yes not alot of fun when you see more water in the bottom of the boat than your bilge pump will handle. About a month ago at Pt Hughes a guy was out past the light and must have forgotten the bungs, he was rescued and his boat was towed in the next day by sea rescue. We had a chat with sea rescue as we left the ramp and said the boat was floating just below the water line and told us to be carefull if we were going that way.I will try to find some pics of it.
  13. Just about anything and everything at some stage, once I had forgoten that I had put the bungs in and went back to the ramp took the boat out of the water and only to find that the bungs were still in. When i had a yacht I did forget to put the bungs in, Launched at St Kilda after parking the car I came back to the boat to see it sitting on the bottom full of water. Forgot the bait, I left the wife at the ramp once( I told her I only Forgot). Another time drove to Pt Hughes before I lived here put the boat in the water only to find I took the keys out of the boat the day before and didnt put them back, now the key stays in the boat. Tried the list thing but left it home. And I can tell ya when ya leave the tackle box at home and your 40k's out to sea its a real bugger, Hard to make hooks.
  14. Weaver that will change after you get married !! But then again my mother in law isnt to bad either but i think thats because she lives in England....
  15. Alope, if ya do you could piss the mother inlaw off and she wont talk to ya again, what a bonus !!