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  1. ScottyDog

    what braid

    I"m sure the braid is great Scotty and a great price. But on a personal level, and just from my experience, i would NEVER deal with Shimreels ever again, the slowest postage and most offensive, aggressive ,horrible people/person on the planet. I ordered a lure from them ,and after a month of not recieving it ,queried about it and from then on things got nasty,they are dead set horrible,the worst online buying experience ever ,couldnt stress enough how bad they get. Sorry to hear that Cal, I've bought several times from them and all have been great experiences with no dramas, maybe I've just been lucky? Hope you filed a paypal claim to get your $$$ back.
  2. ScottyDog

    what braid

    I'm a fan of the tufline xp braid... I get mine from ebay...shimreels is the seller, based in Singapore. Prices are in $US but I got a 30lb 600yd spool for just over $50 delivered. They have small and bulk spools and variety of colours.
  3. make sure you've got a wake at the back before deploying the scaler bag...the bag should be just in the wash and the scaler bag tumbling over (hence the swivel on the scaler line). Most have two bags...the inner bag you fill with the fish to be scaled and then that goes into the outer bag. Some people dont use the inner bag, takes a bit longer to scale but not a lot of difference but make sure your fish are big enough that they wont go through the mesh of the larger outer bag. Great for whiting to get rid of the slime and the scales and as jayman mentioned great for doing the squid (take out the head and guts first though!). Would never put gar in them as you will destroy them (running your hand down the gar scales them pretty well). great tool to have to save some time on the filleting table.
  4. The ones Ive seen them use are the plastic squid heads in white (so they dont sink). We've got them on tuna skirts too so almost anything will get their attention. We have caught them on sour snakes before too after soft plastics were ripped up after several double hookups. Good fun.
  5. +1 for KL 1/0s but like Josh I still like my long shanks in size 4 (or 6 depending upon location) as I still like to jag and sometimes try to rip their lips off..hehe...old habits are hard to break when getting bites.
  6. Saunders always makes me think of KFC for some reason... No worries we will take a look a bit east of the Pages first and go from there.
  7. looking at having a crack later this week for some tuna...dont really want to travel to Saunders bank if I dont have to. Were any boated closer to the Pages/Victor/the Cape?
  8. caught some salmon trout on trolled sour snakes on a jig head at Kingscote in the boat....original soft plastic was shredded and we'd caught/released a heap so one of the guys decided to try it...and immediate hookup...funny as!
  9. aaron any chance on putting up the names of the locations that have passed their deadline? (since the last answers were posted I mean)Theres a few toughies in there!cheers