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  1. Thanks for getting back to me so soon, the first one on the list is a OKUMA Vecta VT 55, I am not sure but thought this was best but just don't know
  2. I hope you can help me please, I haven't been fishing for a while but a friends father has asked me to go out on his boat now my problem is I have 4 rods at home and I want to take 2 but need to know which of my 4 reels are the best 2 (going to fish for whiting etc) rods are 1/VECTA RT 55 gear ratio4.5.1......2/ JARVIS WALKER 700 gear ratio 5.2.1....3/SHIMANO 4000FB ,HypeLoop........4/ SILSTAR Legacy LG60 gear ratio 4.8.1...... Thanks hope to hear from you soon.
  3. I am very new to boating am 60yrs old and just brought my first boat a secondhand 14ft runabout and will be going out from O'Sullivan's Beach boat ramp a lot. I am hoping someone could please see their way clear in giving me GPS settings for two locations I have been told about. They are :1/ The Blocks off of Pt Stanvac and 2/ the Old Scallop Grounds around Hallett Cove area. Thanks