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    Work is not an interest, just needed to help buy more fishing gear.

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About Me

Landbased, mainly freshwater, occasional salt, catch and release (except the ferals) bait and lure, don't eat the fish I catch, mostly fishing light- from 1-3kg rods with 1000 size reels and 4lb braid, to 2-4kg rods with 2500 reels and 10lb braid. If fishing livies will use 5-9kg rods, 4000 reels and 30lb line, but most of my fun comes from the light stuff.

Member of SAFWAA, member of over 10 different Oz fishing forums, and my car smells like fish.

Favourite fishing spot is the River Murray, favourite fish is Murray Cod.

Usually target bream and salmon in the saltwater, learning the ropes on the mulloway.

I have been fishing since I was old enough to cast by myself, and bait my own hooks.

Don't like fishing shows on TV because they make it look easier than it usually is, coz you don't have those endless waits between fish, and they never suffer birds nests or donuts.

I don't judge fishing folk on their ability, but more on their enthusiasm and attitude.

Happy to share what I know.

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