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  1. Yeah I still believe that both saltwater southern black bream and freshwater silver perch are both equal in the power to weight ratio when it comes to the fight. And silver perch is one of the most gorgeous looking fish you can catch in the Murray or other places you might find them. Anybody else got a deep cut from the gill rakers when caught unawares? Handle with care.[emoji6][emoji6][emoji6] Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  2. Hey that thing is a horse. My biggest is nothing like that. But I do agree they fight like saltwater bream. Never caught a silver on lure yet. Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  3. 400 fish in a season is a very reasonable catch. 1000 is but a wish for trout hunters here in SA. Keep up living the dream down there mate. Coz you are sure keeping me motivated to keep trying myself. Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  4. Some amazing and sensational country you are fishing mate and some great fish you are catching. Hope you are keeping warm this winter down there is Tassie coz it sure is frosty here in SA.
  5. Great footage mate. Wish we had the rivers like you have in Tassie to explore here in SA. We have a few if you know where to find them but having said that I still like targeting redfin so they are the waters I fish most. Sometimes it is just great being out in beautiful countryside and fishing. Love your work mate. Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  6. Just remember to reel in fast when the wave is breaking so the line doesn't foul up the hook at the back. Wish I had my Granddads rod now but I still have an Alvey reel matched up with a Wilson 10ft one piece rod that lives in my dining room. But these days I use Spanyid Raiders or big blades coz they cast accurately right next the salmon schools and don't spook the fish. Old metal lures are the ducks nuts coz they cast a mile and never say die but they also have some bad habits and don't copy the action of a wounded baitfish. Big blades are also good but the trebles are prone to gathering weed at times like the Spanyids. The old lures were more weed proof but swam too straight. Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  7. And they would cast out into a wave and retrieve it with the motion of the ocean. And even though I don't eat my catch nowadays they made me eat the fish we caught. Terrible childhood I had.[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Some of my earliest memories involve those lures. Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  8. My Granddad used these on Goolwa beach when I was a wee lad. Salmon and mulloway in the suds. Big split cane beach rod which to me as a little kid was huge and heavy. And an Alvey reel.[emoji6][emoji6] Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  9. The Government allowed almost total depletion of Murray Cod in SA sections of the river over 50 years ago. They have only just started restocking compared to other states who have been doing it for over 30 years. My thinking is that snapper stocks are still at risk and when these muppets in charge wake up and realize that without restocking and total snapper bans for at least 5-7years the snapper fisheries will be no longer sustainable. Just like Murray Cod. Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  10. I am struggling to keep supporting my local tackle shop at Spot On in Salisbury coz Steve has always supplied what I need. And he is now a good mate. My other local was St Kilda Tackle And Tucker and I cannot speak more highly of Cookie and Robyn and the crew. BCF and Anaconda are only good when you are a member and get 50 per cent off things like swags. Problem is after you buy something they have a 3 day sale every 3 days and bombard you with emails. And most of the time they have no friggen idea what you need. Support your local while you still can. I am worried they won't be around for much longer. And they will always try to give you a good price. And Ray and Anne's have never let me down if I am in the area and need something. Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  11. Hey mate. Try using some TT Snakelock weedless jigheads size 1/12 and size 4 hooks. These should work well with your plastic grubs and stuff. For some reason weedless hooks rarely get swallowed like standard jigheads. Every salmon caught lately has been in the lips as well as bream. Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  12. Those little round pieces of bread I call cookies. Old mate makes a breadcrumb groundbaid with molasses and scents up his cookies by putting them in the same çontainer. Must say cookies do work better under a float than running sinker set up. Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  13. They work. Old mate got 26 carp in total fishing right place at right time on waggler. Also must mention his groundbait which does help tip the odds in his favour. Learning about the floats. Learning about groundbaits too. You Poms might be corrupting me mate. Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  14. I am sick of football. Get it over and done with I say. And if I had a choice between fishing or watching blokes running around chasing a funny looking ball I would most definitely be fishing. Bring on the cricket. And bring on the hectic spring and summer fishing seasons. Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  15. Nice. Worth the hard yards for a fish like that. Bait or lure mate? Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  16. TT snakeheads is the correct name. I started calling them snakelocks coz the plastics never get pulled off the jighead. Rigged correctly you don't even need glue like on other brands of jighead. Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  17. 1/12 snakelocks in weedless. Sometimes use 1/8 in the larger waters to cover more ground. Another way to use them is to remove the weight at the front and fish unweighted but even though you still get good casting distance Z-mans are buoyant and don't get down in front of the fish as well. Been experimenting with small splitshots on the leader 10cm from the lure when fishing unweighted. Floats the plastics above the weedbeds. Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  18. I try and walk quietly and fish in stealth mode in the waters I fish. Must admit I am bit stuck in my ways when I do fish trout waters and am usually targeting redfin. Almost caught a nice trout for the first time recently but a bit of tailwalking and headshaking let the hook fall out. Carrying some little Mepps spinners next time I go up there. I think trebles will definitely help more than a single hook jighead but swear by plastics lately coz I can rig them weedless and pepper the structure. Trebles get snagged too easily so that is why I am curious about any techniques to pin trout on soft plastics. Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  19. Yeah most of mine lately have been on weedless Z-man grubs in shimmer pearl and midnight oil. This fish got pinned by my mate on a shimmer pearl and then went for my grub on the way in. And three big lunker redfin followed it in to see what all the fuss was about. Well fed fish. Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  20. My bad. Forgot you said it was pushing 40. Looks huge. Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  21. No photos but my best was up at the Warren in the good old days. 42cm and fat and healthy caught on an 8" scrubby. I would say your fish is in the high 40s and pushing 2kg or over. Stunning redfin mate and congrats on a new PB. Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  22. Stunning fishing real estate matem Bit more user friendly than some of the trout waters we have in SA. Out of interest have you ever caught a trout on soft plastics? They seem to compete with the redfin to grab it but are too fussy to get hooked up. Smart fish[emoji54] Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  23. I have never had an issue with any of my Shimano reels from Siennas up to Stradics. And my local tackle shop takes care of any warranty issues with other stuff I have bought. I have never had to deal with the manufacturer. And that's why I don't shop at BCF or as I call them CBFd.
  24. Never. Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk