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  1. Plenty of ELLY sharks at Bashams in the winter
  2. Which site do you use for your books cheers
  3. reelfun

    Photo Theft

    She needs more photos of herself lol
  4. I’ve been told that they don’t eat well ,is that true.
  5. Yes this one was cut free and was all good
  6. Had a big one in Horseshoe Bay Port Elliot two years ago, got all tangeled up in a cray pot rope
  7. If you want bream you should hit up the Hindmarsh river down here in victor,this year has been a cracker ,I've c&r over a 100 in the last 4 weeks on fresh peeled king prawn ,numerous over 40cm.early morn the best,very light line and the smallest running sinker,they are hot.
  8. Cutlet for me,cooked heaps in cairns restaurant love it grilled
  9. As deep as you can ,I recon at least 12 inches,the deeper it is the less it will heat up in summer,if it heats up to much ,game over.
  10. It needs drainage and I used to use old hessian sacks that need to be kept damp,out of the hot sun and give them plenty vegetable and fruit scraps no citrus or onions or meat,tiger worms used to be easy to breed once you get started .
  11. It like walking onto the jetty in your bathers and getting busted as a potential jetty jumper
  12. top job Alex dont know how you do that filming, i cant evan work out me mobile phone half the time,see you on TV soon buddy.
  13. saw plenty while carp fishing yesterday north of the Hindmarsh Island bridge.
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