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  1. here is my biggest cod, 60lb and exactly 100cm!
  2. just need it to keep baits frozen mate, taking 2 engles with us for food, whats the advantage for dry ice mate?
  3. Hey guess got a week to go till we head west to Yalata, can anyone recommend where we can buy block ice or are we better off freezing it ourselves?
  4. Hey guys, wanna take the wife out for the first time tomorrow in the little boat, she wants to go squidding, was going to venture over to Ardo but 5knts all day at O'sullies is looking good, any reports of squid from there or would ardo be the place to go and try?
  5. Hey guys, where do you buy most of your gear from, do you prefer the big outlets like BCF and Rays Outdoors, Web based like Ebay or Mojo's or would you prefer actual fishing tackle shops like Ray and Anns and Tackleworld?
  6. Hey everyone, im trying to work out my new sounder in my tinny, can anyone help me with what they think this might be? This was off North Havent today.
  7. na mate, not really, especially now its close to tax time would prefer spin combo
  8. Hey guys, heading to yalata in December, whats you ultimate mully combo you use, im in the market for a complete set up
  9. Nice work mate, great footage and a good laugh, bit different to the old eagle ray days in the port hey
  10. at the end of the day it is a legal size fish and if it is kept for a feed who cares, no laws broken, this s@*ts me to tears , there is always someone that has to have a small dig! Why cant you just congratulate the girl on her catch and leave it at that!!! :angry:
  11. Hey guys, i am wondering if anyone on here knows how i can get in contact with Andre Georgescu?? The reason why i ask is because i bought his set of of fishing and hunting DVDs of the internet, they arrived today and they are all pirated copies ! I know he put a lot of work and money into these dvds and i think he has the right to know!!! If you can help that would be great cheers
  12. Well done mate, great pics and write up, it got me pumped for my trip to locks in june!!!!!!!
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