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  1. We all know braid is stronger, more sensitive and more expensive, but we also know that mono is more resistant to rocks, more popular and requires lower maintenance. I, personally am a mono fan.
  2. If your fishing off the rocks, try using mono. With braid, if you have a big fish on your line and it runs to the rocks, the line will snap. (the rocks would act like scissors) With mono, you have some protection against this as it is multi-layered. Also it is often cheaper. There have been huge technological advances with mono, some of the best lines come from Berkley. Also, you often have to clean and dry braid, especially with saltwater because otherwise it get's weak and disintegrates. Give it a try! The only thing is that if you try and spool your reel with mono that is too thick, it can
  3. annoying we can't change our bucket list then.
  4. I suppose i'll have to cut my bucket list short then, i live in SA
  5. I have caught a small one at Victor harbor before, but does anyone know anywhere to get a decent sized one?thanks
  6. Hidoes anyone know anywhere that does a good snapper fishing charter? What are they like???thanks
  7. it was a private competition. The organisers thought it was funny though
  8. ok, i just wasn't aware of this. Why are they selling ILLEGAL fishing equipment in kmart and spot on tackle?
  9. i doubt they would sell it in Kmart if it was illegal. It didn't say there was a limit on the hooks anyway.
  10. well, the little platform had A LOT of people on it! by the way, if your going to kmart, get a few sabiki rigs, baited with garfish and a burley sinker, its got eight hooks and you'll get a baitfish in a few seconds.
  11. won the competition with a few silver trevally and luderick on a Sabiki bait catcher.
  12. thanks people, just getting a few ideas because there is a fishing comp there soon, biggest fish wins.
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