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  1. hey i have a couple of weeks work coming up on torrens island any tips on landbased spots and what i should be targeting? thanks!
  2. lots of bites caught a big fat squid and a 36cm kg whiting!
  3. hi guys thinking of heading to Wirinna breakwater tomorrow for a flick off the rocks is there any good reports of squid or anything else around there lately? cheers!
  4. no worries i will get on google maps and have a suss thanks again guys you probably saved me some big treks down some wrong paths
  5. thanks cal for the heads up im sure my old man knows all the tracks to the beach hes a veteran of yp! a long walk sounds relaxing haha
  6. cheers underpants thats pretty much what i had thought might be swimming around there hopefully pull in a feed or 2 . will definitely hit up northern end of gleesons then cheers for the tip. will post any catch on here!
  7. Hey all im heading over to Yorkes after the new year with the old man staying at either Gleesons Landing or Daly Heads campsite. as he will be surfing the whole time im wondering what fish i should be targeting at these spots land based! any pointers for that area would be great cheers!
  8. i was snorkeling at port noarlunga last summer on the little reef about 15meters from shore and there were 2 1m+ mullies staring at me under a ledge so id say its a possibility to catch em there