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  1. Great pics mate, the power of mother nature.
  2. Recon it will end up costing you more mate, save up and get crab nets as crabs will tear the soft mesh in yabbie nets and would be a bugger untangling the crabs too.
  3. Thanks guys very helpful deff stay clear of the rivets, thanks Lindsay. Im in the Clare valley so makes things little hard without traveling long way.
  4. G,day guys just after a bit of advice. Basically I am in the process of raising the front floor in my tinny, not a big job so was in the process 4 weeks ago now waiting for my local welder only 10min away to weld 2 support bars in. Well its all gone up the creek , hes kept saying too bissy and now I cant wait anymore due to my holiday coming up fast. What I am thinking is to rivet the support bars in on the current rib in the boat, would this work?.
  5. That's bad luck Lindsay, hope you feel better soon.
  6. Looks very nice there Panga, might give it a go as I got given some oysters .